What To Expect If Your Girl Becomes A Cheerleader

Is your daughter wanting to become a cheerleader? She'll have lots of responsibilities and you'll bear the expense but it'll be lots of fun.

Many moms dream of their little girl becoming a cheerleader one day. But sadly, just because a girl wants to be a cheerleader doesn't mean that it will happen for her. Try to discuss this with your child before the training begins. Let her know that everyone who tries out will not get chosen and that after practicing many long hours she could be one that isn't selected. Make sure she understand that all of her effort could end up being for nothing. If she goes into it with her eyes wide open she'll be less disappointed if she isn't selected.

Before the moment arrives to try out the girl must learn various cheers and moves to perform. And since the other girls will also know moves and cheers your girl will have to stand out in some way. Maybe she'll be the most enthusiastic or have the brightest smile. Usually any girl is free to try out but some schools only allow this only if the student has a "C" average. Normally the parents aren't at the tryouts since they generally take place during normal school hours. The appointed judges are the ones who view the performances and vote for their favorites. Only a select few will make it to be an actual cheerleader. The results of who won are usually posted at the message board at school. Usually there are a couple of extra girls selected to be back-up cheerleaders in case one of the regulars can't make a performance.

If your daughter misses several performances she may be asked to step down from the squad. Sometimes the girl is made the back-up performer while another girl is chosen to be a regular. It's important for the squad that every member show up every time - on time.

Be aware that, as with any sport, cheerleaders can get hurt while performing. Sometimes the school will offer insurance at a discount for athletes and cheerleaders. If not, check into a policy to protect yourself from the cost of a broken leg or arm during a performance.

It can get a little expensive to get your girl involved in the sport of cheerleading. Right off the bat there's the need for workout outfits, shoes, pom-poms and possibly school fees. Potential cheerleaders sometimes practice together so that means many trips to each other's homes or gas to go back and forth to the school. And when it's time for them to meet at your house they'll probably need refreshments. If your daughter plans to perform a certain routine to a particular piece of music you'll have that purchase to make as well.

If your girl happens to be one of the girls chosen as a new cheerleader the expense will extend to purchasing cheerleading outfits, including skirts, sweaters, shoes, socks, and more fees. And sometimes cheerleaders need special outfits for certain occasions. Cheerleaders often travel to other towns for games and sometimes they're responsible for pitching in on the expense of renting the bus. There could be additional costs such as eating after the game.

If your daughter doesn't make the squad it could be pretty devastating for her. Reassure her that there will be future tryouts if she's still interested. If she is still interested help her get prepared for next year's tryouts. Maybe that'll be the year your daughter becomes a cheerleader.

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