What To Expect At A Weight Loss Health Spa

Weight loss health spas are great places to visit if you are looking to lose weight and gain the skills and confidence needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A weight loss health spa is essentially a cross between a fat camp and a resort spa.If you are looking for a vacation filled with sheer luxury and indulgence, then you shouldn't plan a trip to a weight loss health spa.However, if you are looking for a vacation that will jumpstart your weight loss and invigorate your mind and body, then a weight loss health spa is the perfect choice.Here's what you can expect from a vacation at a weight-loss health spa:


On your first day at most weight loss health spas, you will receive a body analysis and you will be weighed.If you are overweight, you may hate the thought of having to step on a scale, but this is the only way you will be able to gauge your progress throughout your stay at the spa.If you don't get a weigh-in, you won't be able to celebrate all the pounds you have lost when you leave the spa!The staff at the spa is also likely to measure your body fat and take measurements of your neck, waist, hips, arms, and thighs.Remember: you are among others who are also trying to lose weight.Everyone is nervous and embarrassed, but you are all at the spa to work on yourselves and improve your bodies and lives.Your minimum stay is likely to be seven days long, and the maximum length of time that most weight loss health spas recommend is twenty-one days.You will weigh-in and get your body analysis on the first day, and you will most likely get weighed and analyzed again at the end of each week that you stay in order to track your progress.


While on typical vacations you may spend your days lazing out in the hot sun, when you are vacationing at a weight loss health spa, your days are filled with strength training sessions and intense cardiovascular aerobic workouts.You will work with fitness trainers who will guide you through various physical activities.Many health spas offer hiking trips, and some offer cross country skiing in the winter.They are also likely to offer group yoga classes, aerobic dance classes, kickboxing lessons, swimming and water workouts, and more.Take advantage of as many of the exercise activities as your body can withstand so that you get the maximum results for your stay.Many weight loss health spas have boot camp style exercise programs - you have to get up at six in the morning for an hour long hike, then you go to breakfast, then straight to cardio, then yoga, et cetera.The discipline levels of weight loss health spas vary, but if you really want to be pushed to your limits, you should look for a boot camp style program.


Along with the physical exercise and the healthy eating, you will have the opportunity to listen to motivational speakers who will discuss such topics as overcoming weight loss plateaus, sticking to healthy diet, and shifting your lifestyle to a healthy one.You will also be able to learn how to shop with health and weight loss in mind.You may hear from individuals who have successfully lost large amounts of weight, maybe even past spa-goers.While some people find that motivational public speakers are corny, you should really have an open mind and try to absorb as much positive thinking and information as you possibly can.Let the information you receive help you to translate the healthy behaviors you are learning at the spa into your real life.


You might imagine that the food at a weight loss spa would be less-than-delicious, but actually, you will find it to be quite the contrary.The chefs at these spas will prepare exquisitely delicious but surprisingly healthy meals for each and every meal that you consume during the course of your stay.The goal is to show you that it is possible to have scrumptious meals without overloading on fat, starches, and calories.The chefs will focus on using fresh flavors and herbs to enhance you dishes and you are likely to learn some of these recipes during the course of your stay so that you can try them out when you get back home.You are likely to find out that you can actually enjoy the taste of foods that will help you to lose weight.Some spas offer specialty diet menus, such as low-carb plans, raw food plans, and vegetarian plans.


Even though you will be engaging in vigorous workouts, when you go to a weight loss spa, you will also get some pampering.You are likely to have the opportunity to get massages and spa treatments to help you unwind after an intense day of physical exertion.Beauty treatments are also available at many weight loss health spas, as many people want to get beautified when they start shedding excess pounds.

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