Expensive Fashion, Cheap Clothes For Girls

Buying clothes for your daughter that look expensive while saving money.

So your daughter wants to dress in the latest style that she had seen on TV or worn by a friend at school, but you worry that dressing her that way will break your pocketbook.Plus, she is still growing, and budget-conscious moms today do not want to spend a fortune on clothes that she will outgrow in a season.There is a way to strike a happy balance that will please both of you.Your daughter can look great and you can feel good about the price of her wardrobe.Here are a few tips to help you stretch your fashion dollars to the max.

First of all, don't think that you have to shop in expensive department stores. Many stores, such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Old Navy, Payless Shoes and others have dramatically increased the quality and styles available in their clothing and shoe departments. She will either outgrow them or they will be out of style by next season anyway. If you feel like you must buy her some designer pieces, purchase a few trendy items at the department store and stock up on all the basics somewhere else. No one knows or cares where her socks, underwear, and simple t-shirts come from.

Become a sale shopper. Develop an eagle eye for sales flyers in the local newspaper and in the mail. Hunt for bargains or buy one get one free sales. If you can't afford to buy the things you want for her, inquire about a store layaway plan. It is a great way to buy clothes while they are one sale but not have to pay for them all at once. Also, many stores now will honor another store's price on a specific item plus an additional discount if you bring in the ad. So don't be afraid to get the lowest price possible by paying attention to what is on sale and where. Shop the clearance racks, as well.It is possible to find some real treasures that have been discounted because it is the end of the season.For instance, buy your daughter's winter coat for the following year in a larger size in January. Or buy summer clothes for the next summer in August.This is a great time to pick up swimsuits. Being thrifty is easier if you plan ahead.

Shop online. If you live in a small town or are too busy to get to the stores, buying online can be the answer to your prayers. Shopping online and then having your merchandise delivered to your home is the epitome of convenience! Many popular stores have online outlets or clearance sections that are not available in their store. Many sites will give you discounted or free shipping if you purchase a certain amount, and there are tons of sites online that offer discount coupon codes for every store you can think of. Check out their security certificate before ordering if you are concerned about using your credit card online. Online auctions are another good way to pick up new clothes, too. Most new clothes listing for children state that the tags are still attached to the garment, therefore ensuring that it has not been worn. Check out the vendor's feedback to know if they are someone you want to do business with.

Learn to sew and/or knit. Really, it's not that hard, and knitting, especially, has experienced a resurgence in popularity. Sewing and knitting are things that you get better at the more you do them. Soon, you will be sewing her cute clothes she wants and knitting her the ponchos and sweaters she yearning for.Plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing you made it with your own two hands, and she has something that you made just for her. Take a class at your local community college or craft store.Then, start with something simple with an easy pattern.It is yet another economical way to clothe your daughter with style and taste that does not cost a lot of money.

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