Explain Post Modernism

Explain Post Modernism. Design expert Deborah Burnett explains Post Modernism as it relates to furniture design. Now it's the late1990's and early 2000's and it's time for another transition, time for another...

Now it's the late1990's and early 2000's and it's time for another transition, time for another change. This is a new century, we have a war but we sit back watching it on television as if it's a sitcom - we can flip the channel. What's happening right now is that the marketers, the advertisers, have discounted the baby boomers. They put them off the radarscope and they concentrate on the younger buying public. Right now, American society worships the dollar and what the dollar can buy. That's Industrialism at its peak. What's going on right now is that we have everybody doing their own thing but yet we have the undercurrent of war and change - just like what happened after World War II. Modernism, post-modernism is taking its effect and it's becoming once more stream-lined, geometric, clear brighter colors. The artists want to make their marks just like art d├ęcor did, so it all goes back to history. Unfortunately in my opinion, we have not had enough social upheaval to bring in a totally new style. Consequently, we are going back and reinventing past styles. So, up until we have a true cataclysmic natural event, a true world-shattering global event, we are not going to see another new period of furniture coming in. It's just going to be a rehashing of the past periods. What's going to happen is the clean line pieces of furniture are only going to be current and popular up until the generation X and Y's and the eco generation's bodies start aging and it's no longer comfortable to sit in a straight lined chair. A modern sofa is very uncomfortable to lie down on and snooze in front of the TV. Going back to what I said earlier - we are biped. We are not really meant to sit and we are definitely not made to sit in a straight back chair. Unfortunately that's the streamlined characteristic of our decor and the period that we're in right now, which is extreme post-modernism.

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