Explain Self-Defrosting Freezers.

Explain self-defrosting freezers. Self defrosting freezers have an element that melts any excess frozen condensation in the back of the freezer. Self defrosting freezers have, inside the freezer, what's...

Self defrosting freezers have, inside the freezer, what's called the evaporator and if the evaporator gets cold, really cold, there is air, there is a fan that blows and that fan blows air past the evaporator and that's how you get your cooling and because of the effect of condensation just like a glass with condensation. But a small bit of condensation will freeze and build up and that's what you see on a manual defroster product. We have included next to that a kind of device that looks like a heating element next to the evaporator. That heating element, when it goes into self defrost mode, actually turns on. It can even turn red in parts of it but it ends up melting all the condensation off that evaporator. The water then drips down either in a tube down the back of the freezer into a little hole on the bottom of the freezer liner. The water then goes through the bottom of the product into a little drain pan sitting underneath the product.

If you take your grill off your product you see a little pan underneath there, some of them you can remove and some of them you can't remove. It produces maybe at the most two ounces of water and that just evaporates pretty quickly. Normally, a unit goes through two defrost cycles a day. You may hear a gurgling sound in your product once in a while that's probably your product going through a defrost cycle. Those products that are typically more energy efficient have what technology calls an electronic adaptor defrost. We actually then use electronics to look at the amount of time that compressor is running and we adjust the defrost cycle based on how much the compressor runs. Typically based on the usage of the compressor the defrost cycle will vary, but it typically settles in from twice a day to once a day. Even if you are not using the product or you go on vacation it might extend to several days but, typically it goes out to one defrost cycle a day. Over the course of a year that saves energy.

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