Explain Spirit Dreams.

Explain spirit dreams. Spirit dreams are regular dreams you have every night. I disagree with many scientists and certain psychologists that believe that dreams all happen in our head. I do not believe...

I disagree with many scientists and certain psychologists that believe that dreams all happen in our head. I do not believe that. I believe every night we actually leave our bodies and go on these adventures working different emotions out. Then, we go back into our physical body, when it's time to wake up.

Everything that you experience when you're dreaming is really happening. But remember that you are not flying through the physical plane even though you might be flying over an ocean. The idea is that you are in your spiritual body and you are using that to travel.

The only thing that is keeping you down is your physical body. Your spirit can pretty much walk through walls and do whatever it needs to do to be able to get where it needs to go. Dreams that make you feel good are meant to do just that and give you a sense of freedom, a sense that may be your life is something more than just your physical experience.

Some people are afraid of their dreams and they worry about nightmares. I can tell you that nightmares are meant to be productive. Very often, we have to do some serious work when we are sleeping. We go into adventures and projects that seem to bring fear into us and also exhilaration. These things are misunderstood. It is not because we are necessarily in trouble, but we are going on these adventures, and it's sort of n another school where we experience these things in order to enrich not only our spirit but to enrich our physical waking daily life. Now the reason I talk about these things and not so much of the hocus-pocus and all the rest of it, is the fact that I consider myself to be a practical psychic. I am a balanced person. I want to tell you that I believe all of this is science. Starclear has no problem, no conflict with science. I believe all of these things are scientific. I believe that a spirit is scientific in science, and I believe the other worlds are also very scientific. We just are not using the right tools to measure these things.

People use Ouija boards and different pendulums to communicate with spirits. It's a very imperfect system. But I think the idea is good. At some point in the future we will probably design some kind of machine, some kind of communication device, which is able to contact our relatives that who have passed on.

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