Explain Water Filtration Systems.

Explain water filtration systems. The charcoal filters filter the water at the source and the distribute the water to the ice and water dispenser. Everyone in the industry, including Whirlpool, filters the...

Everyone in the industry, including Whirlpool, filters the ice and the water. The water comes in from the line in the wall and is filtered pretty early in the process and then the water splits. The water goes to the ice maker and the water dispenser. The filters are carbon. They are either a granular carbon or a carbon block. It is just two different technologies that do the same thing, filter the chlorine. There are sensors on the filters that tell you when your filter is bad. On our filters we call it a monitoring system and it will, depending on the product, measure the earlier of 400 gallons or six months whichever comes earlier. We certify all our filters to NSF, National Sanitation Foundation which acts like the UL of water approval. Basically you get the NSF stamp of approval. NSF certifies the filters in their labs for taking out what we claim it to take out and they set the certification of what it needs to be taken out, for example, lead and chlorine. While we have the NSF certification nationally, there are certain states that have the state approval as well. The states of California, Iowa, and Wisconsin all have their own standards. NSF certification becomes important and they have protocols that really talk about how that monitoring system should work.

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