Is Extenze Safe to Use?

By Robin Hale

  • Overview

    Extenze is an over-the-counter drug that is widely advertised on infomercials and is available through mail-order catalogs as well as the Internet. Although for some, it sounds like the perfect solution to problems they may be experiencing, a main concern is the safety of this drug and concerns about the validity of its claims.
  • What is Extenze?

    There are many other generic names for it, but the primary use of Extenze is to enlarge the male organ. It is also touted as a drug that will enhance male erections, which would in turn lead to a better quality of intercourse and more intense orgasms. Sold as an herbal supplement, Extenze is under much scrutiny by those who question its safety and its ability to do what it advertises. One of the major concerns is the fact that the Extenze websites recommend that the drug is taken as a daily supplement. Adding any drug to an everyday routine increases the risk of long-term complications and possible liver damage. The ingredients listed in Extenze are as follows: L-Arginine, Ginseng, tribulus terrestris, sarsaparilla, oat straw, calcium, maca extract, catuaba, nettle, astragalus, cayenne, ginkgo biloba extract, miura puama, boron, saw palmetto, yohimbe and zinc. This list is incomplete as Extenze doesn't reveal all of the ingredients.
  • Safety Concerns

    Extenze is sold as an herbal supplement, which means that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have to approve the information on the label or the claims made by the manufacturers. The rules regarding labeling and marketing of herbal supplements are very relaxed and sometimes confusing. For this reason, the ingestion of any type of herbal supplements should always be done with caution and only after much research. There is no valid data from any reputable clinical trials, medical research or labs that confirm the claims that Extenze will increase erections or male organ size. The only evidence that the manufacturers of Extenze give are personal testimonies. Many times, these testimonies are unfounded and unverified, so their reliability is questionable at best.

  • Effectiveness

    The active ingredients in Extenze appear to work, at least on some individuals, because they enlarge the blood vessels, allowing a much faster and more fluid blood flow to all areas, including the male organ. Once an individual stops taking Extenze, the blood vessels will return to their normal size and the effect of enhanced size and erections will disappear as soon as the active ingredients are flushed from your blood stream. This can take as little as 24 hours, or up to three days depending on the individual.
  • Concerns

    Consistent enlarging of the blood vessels, whether by artificial or natural means, can cause many health problems that are not worth the temporary penile enlargement. Medical complications, such as burst blood vessels, could result from intentionally enlarging blood vessels. Male enhancement pills in general have been analyzed by Flora Research Company, located in California, as well as the University of Maryland. The documented results were startling. Harmful contaminants have been detected in a number of male enhancement pills. Contaminants included mold, E. coli bacteria, heavy pesticides and poisonous lead. Dr. Michael Donnenberg of the University of Maryland has confirmed "heavy fecal contamination," possibly coming from nearby cattle grazing near the plants grown and used for herbal ingredients of these pills. These findings are proof that the process of manufacturing these enhancement pills is not properly regulated and should not be trusted.
  • Considerations

    Extenze is considered a stimulant, and you should consult a medical doctor before taking any type of stimulants, as they can affect blood pressure and overall health. If you are taking any other drugs (prescribed or not) definitely consult a doctor before considering taking Extenze.
  • Legal Issues

    Several documented lawsuits against Biotab Nutraceuticals, the manufacturers of Extenze, can be found online. Most of the lawsuits involved the problem of continued charges being made to individuals' credit cards when the Extenze website clearly guarantees that the orders can be canceled at any time along with promises of full money back guarantees that have been unfulfilled according to angry claimants. In 2007, one case went as far as the Hackensack Federal Court.
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