What Is The Best Exterior Paint I Can Use?

What is the best exterior paint I can use? You must first determine what type of paint you have on the outside of your home, before you paint. Acrylics should be used, but the primers underneath them can change according to the existing paint job.

If it is a new house, I would use latex paints. I wouldn't use any oil-based paints. Use a primer. On the outside, I recommend an oil-based primer. If you are painting on brand new wood, and if it has gotten wet in the past and you just had put a latex primer on it, it will stain in the future. I prefer to put an oil-based primer on it that will kill any stains that might pop up later, so I don't have to do the job twice. I would put an oil-based primer, and then put a 100 percent acrylic paint on top of that.

The latex paints clean up with water, as opposed to oil-based paints. If you spill something on the ground, you have to clean that with oil-based products. It is going to smell. Oil-based paints have a smell that lingers, and some people's skin have reactions to it.

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