Do Eye Lashes Grow?

Do eye lashes grow? If you lose them will they grow back? Find out these curious questions.

Losing an eye lash here and there happens to all of us. It is perfectly normal to lose one or two eyelashes. A new eye lash will grow back in the hair follicle and replace the old one. As a person ages their eyelashes tend to thin out, this is normal process. But, some people lose eye lashes in clumps and they do not grow back. If this happens suddenly, you may be feeling confused and afraid.

Here is what you should consider if you lose a lot of eyelashes at once.

Alopecia areata could be the cause of losing your eyelashes. It is an autoimmune disease usually striking the scalp and causing your hair to fall out in clumps. This hair does not grow back. It can also cause eye lashes and eye brows to fall out and not grow back. There is no cure, but a dermatologist can give you shots of cortisone to prevent further damage to hair follicles.

Eye lashes that are falling out in clumps is a good indicator that you may have hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a condition of an underactive thyroid which causes

many complications and symptoms mostly in women. Get your thyroid checked by your doctor (he will do a simple blood test)and he can put you on medication to get your

thyroid back in gear and help alleviate sparse eye lashes.

Something that all of us can do to protect our eye lashes is to treat them with care. A lifetime of using an eyelash curler or pulling and playing with them can cause them to

fall out. Continual trauma to hair follicles can do permanent damage. Only curl your lashes on special occasions or use one of the new curling wand mascaras to protect your eye lashes.

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