Eyebrow Waxing For A Man

Learn how to get the perfect eyebrows- (not too shaped, but not too hairy), where to go and the different techniques to get rid of unwanted brow hair.

In the era of the metrosexual male, for a guy to be well groomed is next to godliness. However, beware of eyebrows that are too well shaped. Learn how to get the perfect eyebrows- (not too shaped, but not too hairy), where to go and the different techniques to get rid of unwanted brow hair.

Imperfect is Key

Since you don't want to look too feminine, going to a professional is key. Remember, looking too groomed can go against keeping it manly. A professional can ensure that things are done right - from making it less painful to giving you just the right brows. Here's a look at the different techniques to get rid of eyebrow hair.

Waxing: This can be a quick hair removal eyebrow treatment with the use of wax, but could make a man's eyebrows a little too perfect. However, if you have lots of excess hair it could be the way to go.

Plucking: This is a more controlled way to go. However, for the impatient and sensitive male, it could be painful to pluck each eyebrow hair one by one using tweezers. If you just want to remove a few excess hairs try this approach.Many salons and spas know how to treat the skin right after, to make each session less painful.

Threading: This can be a very precise way to get rid of unwanted hair with the use of threads. This too is very controlled and is said to be much less painful than waxing. Salons and spas around the country specialize in the art of threading.

When to Do It

Thick: If you have incredibly thick eyebrows, you may want to thin them down, so they are proportionate with your face. Make sure to ask that the eyebrows are not shaped too perfect. You don't want it to be a give-away that you're getting them done.

Lots of Hair: If you have massive eyebrow hair, it's always good to get rid of a little. Just ask for them to be cleaned up a bit, with remembering the golden rule...keep it natural looking.

The Unibrow: You know the look. It's when both of your eyebrows meet, connect and are adjoined by unsightly hair. In short, it is when your eyebrow has become one. If you have this problem, definitely seek a professional to give you two eyebrows instead of one.

Why Get it Done

Cleaning up excess eyebrow hair can actually make your face look more open. It can make you look younger and make your eyes look more alert. It just gives the face a nice lift.

Where to Go

There are so many salons that cater to men and women these days. Even the interior is subdued with décor that would appeal to both sexes. And, since so many men are enjoying the spa experience, it's now very acceptable for a man to groom his eyebrows too. Any salon or spa that offers eyebrow waxing or plucking will be glad to have men as customers too. The best person to ask is your mother, wife or girlfriend. She'll know the perfect place to go in your particular city, since she is probably a regular at grooming her own eyebrows.

Just remember looking groomed is great, but don't go over the top. Women love their men to look like men, even with a few extra hairs. When your getting "handsome" eyebrows, be sure to go to a pro"¦

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