Eyeglass Frame Repair: How To Repair Screws And Springs

You can often repair your own eyeglasses if you have the proper tools and spare parts.

If you wear eyeglasses on a regular basis, or if you only wear sunglasses, you know that accidents will and do happen. Not only that, but wearing the same pair of eyeglasses day - to - day can loosen the screws and the springs, as well as other parts.

In order to repair your own eyeglasses, you will need to have the proper tools, as well as spare parts, on hand. You can find anything you could need by doing a search on the Internet. The first item you will need is an "eyeglass repair kit". Basically, this kit contains one small, flat - headed screwdriver, and one small, Phillips - headed screwdriver. These tools are small enough to turn the tiny screws on your eyeglasses. Some kits also contain other helpful tools, such as a powerful pocket penlight. These penlights help you to light up the small screws and other parts on your eyeglasses, so you can see them better to work on them. Another handy tool is a pocket - sized magnifying glass. It can also help you to see the small parts better. If you have a problem keeping hold of those tiny screws, you might want to purchase an extended tip magnet probe. This sleek tool will help you pick up eyeglass screws, et cetera. It can also help to hold the screws in place while you use your other hand and a screwdriver to tighten it up.

As for the spare parts you will need to repair your eyeglasses, you will also need to purchase some replacement screws, nose pads, and springs. Sometimes, you can salvage certain parts from an old pair of eyeglasses, but the parts are not always interchangeable, so it's usually better just to order some parts, as they are not expensive.Finally, to store all of your eyeglass tools and parts in, you can also purchase a mini, pocket - sized toolbox.

Now that you have the tools and parts you will need to repair your eyeglasses with, let's talk about the repairs and how you should do them. The first thing you will need to know, is, when you hold your eyeglasses in your hands, hold them only by the nosepiece. This is, of course, the piece that connects the two lens frames together above your nose. Holding your eyeglasses by the lens frames can easily bend and distort the frame. And, holding them by the bows can bend or break the bows. It can also loosen, stretch, and break the springs, and loosen the screws.

If a screw repeatedly comes out of your eyeglass frame, it may be because the screw is stripped. You can either replace the damaged screw with a new one, or, in a pinch, you can remove the old screw, place a tiny drop of all purpose glue on the threaded end, and replace it into the frame. Allow it to dry thoroughly, and the screw is there to stay. You can also purchase tiny nuts that fit onto the ends of the screws that are in your eyeglasses. If you have a problem with the screws loosening up and coming out, you can place one of these tiny nuts on each screw. The tiny nuts will hold the screws securely in place.

Another common problem with eyeglasses is the spring that is attached to either bow comes loose. Sometimes, though not often, the spring can actually break if eyeglasses are handled roughly. To repair this problem, you will need one of your small screwdrivers, either the flat head or the Phillips head. If the screw is loose, you can simply tighten it back up. Be careful not to over tighten the screw or you can strip it. If the spring is broken, or doesn't work like it should anymore because of years of use, you will need to visit your local optician. He or she can order a replacement bow with a new spring attached.

Once you repair your eyeglasses, you should clean the lens with alcohol and a soft, clean cloth.To help protect them when you are not wearing them, you should keep your eyeglasses in their storage case.

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