Fabulous Beach Party Ideas

The beach is a great place to have a party. With these ideas, you can host a gathering that will be full of enthusiam and a hit with all your guests.

The beach is one of the best settings for any sort of a party. Whether it's a birthday, graduation, or for no specific reason, you can host a great gathering by keeping these tips in mind.

Preparation is the name of the game. Wherever you live, check to see what the regulations are about having parties on your beach. Call the city, town, or county in which the beach is located. Ask them if reservations are needed or if permits must be obtained. Inquire as to the beach's hours. There is nothing worse than having a party in full swing, only to have a person of authority tell you that you have to close up shop because the beach is closing. Finally, if you are planning to have it, ask if alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Prepare as much of your food as you can ahead of time. Simple dishes like pork and beans are easy, but more difficult ones can be as well. Invest in serving saver containers, and place each type of food in one of these savers. This can include meats soaking in marinades, if your menu includes them. Make sure your cooler is large enough. Don't wait until the day of the party to find out that with ice and food, your cooler will not close. Utilize paper plates and plastic silverware.

Pack as much of the food and other items as you can the night before the party. Get your volleyball net together, for example. Never wait until the morning of the party, because you will have enough on your mind trying to get everything to the beach. Write down a checklist of everything, and go through it with several people.

Get to the beach early and allow plenty of time to set up everything. If you have games planned (volleyball, paddleball, etc.), take all the items out and spread them on the sand. This will encourage your guests to use them. Make it easy for your guests to find the party. Yours may be one of many, and you do not want people getting lost. Provide them with directions, and place a big flag or other item in the sand that will make your party site easy to spot.

Bring plenty of napkins and glasses, as well as a first aid kit. Injuries happen, and the beach may be a long way away from medical attention. Should the party be a daytime one, encourage each participant to wear copious amounts of sunscreen.

Clean up all of the trash left behind by your guests. The next people who use your site will appreciate it, and many animals, such as birds, may get sick trying to eat items such as styrofoam cups. It is only courteous to do so.

These tips will help you to plan a party that is both fun and responsible.

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