Fabulous Birthday Parties While Maintaining A Diabetic Diet For Child

Fabulous birthday parties while maintaining a diabetic diet for child. Here are some nifty ideas that are so cool nobody will miss those forbidden sweets.

Just because your child has diabetes doesn't mean he or she can't have a fabulous birthday party. Sure, they'll have to forego that gooey birthday cake, but if you give one of these party suggestions a try nobody will miss the cake at all!

Movie Party

Throw a movie party! Let your child pick a movie that he or she would really like to see. Make arrangements to car pool the party guests to the theater. Spring for the movie tickets, popcorn and diet sodas. After the movie, take everyone home to watch the birthday boy or girl open gifts. Prizes for the guests could be movie passes, boxes of microwave pop corn or free movie rental vouchers. Decorate the house with movie posters and streamers. Play movie trivia.

Skating Party

Call the local skating rink and ask about their party specials. Most rinks have party rooms and offer a selection of party plans. The package includes admission to the rink, skate rental, the use of a party room, and refreshments. Refreshments offered are usually a choice of hot dogs and sodas, pizza and sodas, or cotton candy and drinks. The guest of honor will be announced by the DJ and a special song can be requested. Games to play can be the Hokey Pokey, the Limbo, Paddle Tag and the Bunny Hop. If you plan an activity such as a skating party, be sure to keep something on hand to treat insulin reactions if needed.

Carpet Golf Party

Any budding golf pros out there? Reserve time at a carpet golf park and tee off for fun! Furnish golf visors, colorful pencils and pads for score keeping and a prize for each participant. Prizes could be neon colored golf balls, golf club key chains or miniature trophies. After the game, treat the party goers to cheese and crackers, veggie sticks and dip, and nuts. Take pictures of the game in progress and give each child a print of their best golf strokes.

Pizza Party

Schedule party time at one of the local pizzerias that cater to kids. These restaurants usually have game rooms, but if the establishment you choose doesn't, you can play party games at the table! Give each child a decorated note pad with a cool gel pen and have a tic-tac-toe contest. Or play "˜I Spy'. The winner receives a toy trophy. Instead of party hats as favors, try oversized sunglasses or neckties. Sing "˜Happy Birthday' to the honoree. Stick a large candle in the center of the pizza and have the guest of honor make a wish before blowing it out.

Costume Party

Invite guests to attend a themed costume party. Have the guest of honor decide on the theme and hand make the invitations. Decorate them with glitter and sequins. Guests are to arrive dressed according to the theme and prizes are awarded to each child. Themes could be superhero favorites, movie characters, cartoons, game icons. Video the party and play it back while refreshments are being served. After the gifts have been opened, serve guests sparkling diet ginger ale and finger sandwiches. Enjoy the movie!

Slumber Party

Invite guests to spend the night! Have each child bring a sleeping bag or favorite blanket, a pillow, pajamas and a stuffed animal. Build a pretend campfire and gather around for scary stories. Or tell a round-robin story--one person begins the story, stops at a crucial place and lets the next person continue the tale. The wilder, the better! Serve hot dogs and chips. Each guest receives a snapshot of themselves wearing their pajamas and mugging around with the honoree.

Picnic Party

Invite guests for a picnic in your back yard! Spread blankets on the grass, serve refreshments from picnic baskets and have guests eat from paper plates. Look at the clouds and discuss what shapes they make. Award prizes for the most imaginative answers. Play hide and seek or tag. Serve classic picnic foods--ham sandwiches, potato salad, watermelon. Give each guest a colorful sun visor as a memento.

Zoo Party

Take the kids on a safari! Car pool everyone to the zoo and provide admission. Take along a camera and photograph the guests standing near elephants, bears, gorillas or rhinos. Visit the gift shop and purchase post cards featuring the guests' favorite animals. Check to see what animals can be fed by visitors and toss peanuts or popcorn to them. Treat party guests to peanuts and sodas. At the end of the trip, give each child a small stuffed animal.

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