Faces Shapes & Hair Styles

Face shapes & hair styles can either make your more attractive or unattractive! Learn how to avoid major hair style mistakes.

They say it's hair and it grows. Try telling that to someone when they just got their hair cut and found out that the haircut looks terrible on them. Hair grows, but at too slow a rate to change the hairstyle over night. Why do they dislike their new hairdo? Chances are the hairdresser who cut their hair did not look at their face shape or bother to discuss the hairstyle with the client first. If you discuss hairstyles with clients and tell them they would look better in another hairstyle than the one they originally wanted, most of the time they are eager to listen.

The reason for this is there are four different face shapes. There is the heart shaped face that is the ideal face shape for all hairstyles. Anyone with this shape for a face can wear any hairstyle and it looks good on them, from long to short and every hairstyle in between.

Then there's the oval face shape, people with this face shape can wear long hair. You can wear bangs or pull your hair back, such as a ponytail or upswept hairstyle.

Then there's the square face. If this is your face, you look great in bangs to offset the square forehead. Don't pull your bangs back. Shoulder length hair is great for you, with wispy curls and freeflowing styles.

People with round faces should never wear their hair pulled back in such styles as a ponytail, or upswept hairdo. This just accentuates the round face more. Short hairstyles with bangs that have a bit of height are best. This gives the look of a longer face. Wispy curls towards the face are also favorable. You are trying to cut away the roundness of the face, not accentuate it in any way.

By keeping these tips in mind next time you visit your hairdresser, you should walk out of the beauty salon or barber with the best hairdo for you.

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