Facial Skin Care: Tips For Women With Dry Skin

This article discusses some things women who have dry skin can to do put together a healthy, effective skin care regimen.

Dry skin is a condition that many women deal with every day. These women are very familiar with the tight, itchy feeling, the flaky skin, the sensitivity that all tend to accompany dealing with dry skin. Some women have had dry skin all their lives; some have had their skin type change as they have grown older. There are steps women can take to help take care of their dry skin, to make it look and feel better.

First, of course, is moisturize. This cannot be overstated, and the cosmetic companies have made a fortune peddling moisturizers to women. However, moisturizing is critical for dry skin. A woman with dry skin should moisturize at least twice a day. Those who shower in the morning should put moisturizer on soon after showering. Those who bathe at night should do the same. Women who shower in the morning, should use a lighter moisturizer for use under their make-up, and night bathers should use a heavier preparation.

What kind of moisturizer is appropriate? Most anything, with the caveat that strong fragrances will often irritate dry skin, since it is also often sensitive. One excellent night moisturizer is the hand and body lotion with collodial oatmeal as a principal ingredient. This lotion can soothe tender, sensitive skin, as well, since it is virtually fragrance-free. A good night moisturizer should have some sort of emollient such as lanolin or mineral oil "" anything that will help the skin retain its moisture.

Daytime moisturizers should be lighter and most will say they are on the label. Gel-based moisturizers are good for going under make-up, and help the cosmetics stay on longer, because they have something to "hang on" to. Again, a woman should look for preparations that are formulated for sensitive skin.

The sensitive skin consideration also holds true for exfoliating. Women with dry skin tend to have flaky patches, but their skin usually does not tolerate exfoliation very well. Women with dry, sensitive skin should stay away from most of the scrubs and abrasives on the market. They should use, rather, a rougher washcloth or a nylon face scrubber. These should be used gently and no more than once a week or so. Moisturizer should immediately follow exfoliation, since the skin is likely to be insulted.

Women with dry skin should also avoid washing their faces in very hot water. Hot water will cause more drying. Warm water is advisable, and the woman should use a gentle cleanser, formulated for sensitive skin. When a woman removes her make-up, this should also be done with a gently-formulated remover and followed by gentle cleansing and moisturizing.

Moisturizing is especially important in the winter. A woman might consider carrying a travel-sized container of her favorite day moisturizer, for spot use during the day. The cheeks tend to get very dry, as does the forehead. A single dot of moisturizer on these areas can bring a great deal of comfort to tight, itchy skin.

A woman should also choose her make-up with formulation in mind, and should look for foundation that is for dry skin. She should also look for cosmetics for sensitive, allergy-prone skin. These will help minimize irritation to her fussy epidermis.

Those with dry skin should also protect against sun exposure, which will only make bad matters worse. Make-up should have a sunscreen in it, if the wearer isn't allergic to it. Dry skin is often thin, and prolonged sun exposure can be harmful.

Dry skin does require care, but so does oily or combination skin. Any skin care regimen requires a little time and effort. However, moisturizing and gentle treatment will help dry skin look its best in all circumstances.

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