Facial Treatment At Home

Facial treatments that can be made in your kitchen, from facial moisturizers to herb baths.

We all have those days that the car won't start, the computer crashes, the elevator is out of service and we're forced to take six flights of stairs, and then we get home and it's our turn to make dinner. Days like these we all want to get away. We don't want to bother cleaning up the dishes or putting food back in the fridge, and the worst part is it will probably start all over again tomorrow.

But, I promise, if you stay in the kitchen just a few more minutes and whip up some of these homemade spa treatments you will be very glad you did.

Years ago our grandmothers went through the same thing and mine had a whole list of concoctions that helped "take her away" long before Calgon.

When your skin feels tired and old and you want a quick refresher, you can blend a ripe peach with heavy cream. This moisturizer is very stimulating and can be massaged into your face, or any other area of the body, once a day. Keep any extra mixture under refrigeration.

Many know the benefits of mayonnaise on hair but did you know you can massage it into your skin as a cream? The best thing to do is make your own by blending eggs, vegetable oil and vinegar. Beat together 1 egg, 1 cup of vegetable oil and 2T vinegar. You can use prepurchased mayo as long as it has no salt. After you shampoo, mayonnaise can be used as a conditioner. Massage into hair and scalp, leave on for 1/2 hour and rinse thoroughly with vinegar and warm water.

There are facial treatments you don't need to spend any time blending and mixing, however. Many fruits and vegetables are nourishing to the skin on their own. We've all seen slices of cucumbers applied to the eyes to refresh and relieve puffiness but they also make great cleansers when sliced and rubbed over your face. The same holds true for slices of fresh tomatoes.

Do you want a unique refresher for a hot day? There are many variations on this recipe, but one that I know feels great is to put a mint sprig with 3 ice cubes in a blender and chop finely. Pour into a wash cloth, wrap it up and apply to skin.

How about that relaxing bath we all love? There are many ways to make an herbal bath. You can boil the herbs down, strain them and put the water in with your bath water. Or you can do as Grandma did and tie dried herbs in a wash cloth or muslin bag and hang them from the bath faucet while tub is filling. Another "bath bag" you can make involves combining one part corn meal to one part dried herbs. You can use oatmeal as well as cornmeal. Oatmeal is softening and soothing. Cornmeal works as an exfoliant. Below is a list of herbs to choose depending upon what mood you're looking for in a bath.

Stimulating: bay, lemon balm, marjoram, peppermint, rosemary, yarrow.

Relaxing: chamomile, lemon verbena, lavender, comfrey, thyme, vanilla.

Soothing: aloe vera, calendula, rose, sage, yarrow, honey, oatmeal.

So the next time you're in your kitchen and you feel like getting away, or you simply want to unwind after a rough day, open your cupboards and check your fridge and you just might find all the necessary ingredients for a night at your in-home spa.

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