How to Fade Out a Song in Premiere

Adobe Premiere is a powerful and flexible timeline-based video-editing software package. Although its mainly used to edit video clips, users also can edit their songs and add interesting new effects. Perhaps one of the most common effects is the fadeout, where the volume gradually decreases to zero during the last few seconds of the song.

  1. Open Adobe Premiere, go to "File" and select "Open." Use the file browser to locate your song and highlight it. Click "Open" to open it in Premiere. You will see the track appear in your current project.

  2. Click the small triangle you see to the left of the track's name to expand the song and see the Timeline.

  3. Click the "Audio Effects" bin to see all audio effects that can be used by Premiere. Locate the "Audio transition" effect.

  4. Click and drag the audio transition effect to the song's Timeline until it snaps to the "Out" point. Double click the transition in the Timeline panel to go to the "Effect Controls" panel. Here you can change the length of your new fadeout effect.

  5. Go to "File" and select "Save" to save your song. Note that this overwrites the old song. If you want to save to a different file, select "Save As."

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