Free Fall Kid Crafts: Autumn Leaf Bracelet

A craft for kids to make a bracelet out of fallen autumn leaves!

The autumn is a great time to get back to nature. Now your kids can enjoy the beauty of fallen autumn leaves even after the cold of winter has settled in. Next time you rake the leaves, have your children pick out a few special leaves to use to make an autumn leaf bracelet. Make sure you have the following materials on hand:

-thick thread




Step One: Gather brightly colored leaves from the ground. Try to keep your collection of leaves on the smaller side, as the ends of big leaves dry quickly and break off in bracelet form. Small maple leaves and oak leaves work well for this, as their colors are magnificent in the fall and the leaves come in many sizes.

Step Two: Measure a length of thick thread that will be big enough to encircle your child's wrist, but add an additional three or four inches so that the thread can be tied into a bow later.

Step Three: Thread the needle with the thick thread. Thicker thread is recommended because thin thread may break after excessive wear. If you are working with younger children, you may have to thread the needle for them. Remember to warn your children about the dangers of sharp objects.

Step Four: Begin stringing the leaves onto the needle. You can do an entire bracelet of leaves, or you can alternate by stringing one leaf and then one bead. Either string only leaves or alternate until you reach the other end of the string (still leaving three inches without any leaves). Wrap the bracelet around the child's wrist and then tie the extra three inches into a bow. You now have an autumn leaf bracelet!


-You can make a thinner, flatter bracelet by simply stringing a few leaves. Do this by inserting the needle at one end of the leaf, bringing it up through the leaf about a quarter of a leaf away, threading the needle back down through the leaf another quarter of a leaf away, and then bring it back up at the other end of the leaf.

-There are many different variations to this bracelet. You can make additional threads full of beads and tie them onto the original bracelet so that they hang down. You can also make a bracelet entirely of beads and make a few threads full of leaves and attach these to the original bracelet so that the leaves fall hang down.

-Don't be afraid to add other elements to your bracelet! You can string popcorn and cranberries for different colors and textures.

-Discard the bracelet approximately a month after it was made. Leaves will start to dry and crumble and this can make a great mess. Discard the bracelet sooner if it contains perishable items such as cranberries and popcorn.

-You can apply a bit of glitter to the edges of the leaves by using glue and loose glitter. Be careful, though, as excess wear of the bracelet will cause the glitter to shake off and get everywhere!

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