Fall Wedding Bouquet Design And Flowers

There is a wide variety of flowers and arrangement styles you can use to create a spectacular fall wedding bouquet.

The autumn weather brings about a rich variety of flowers that can make any wedding bouquet a beautiful sight.The chrysanthemum is perhaps the most widely known fall flower.The chrysanthemum is generally a very cost conscious flower, and blooms in a wide range of colors and styles.They are seen in various shades of white, yellow, orange, purple, and red.Their flowers range from the daisy to the fuller pom-pom style.

However, you are certainly not limited to one type of flower. Other autumn flowers include the Gerbera daisy, which is available in orange, pink, and yellow. Its stem is from 12 to 18 inches long, with dark green leaves. The Dahlia is seen in white, yellow, red, lilac, maroon, and dark purple. Some varieties include the Decorative, Single-flowered, Bale, and Collerette. There is the Crinodonna Lily, which is often considered to be the most spectacular fall flower.Also, you may consider using Crocosmia, Lycous, and Goldenrod.

Perhaps, the easiest form of bouquet is the bunch style.This is a simple, yet elegant bouquet that can be made with few flowers and minimal supplies.Start with one to two flowers with uncut stems.The longer the stems the better, as they will all be trimmed in the last step. Working around the stems of the base flowers, slowly add additional flowers giving a slight spiral effect to the stem.Do not force the flowers; this will cause the stems to break.Remember that in this case less may be more.Too many flowers with a large variety may cause the bouquet to look clustered.After the flowers have all been added, bind the stems roughly half way down and trim the ends.You may cut the ends straight across or in a diagonal fashion.

Ribbon often gives this bouquet the final effect. The easiest way to add ribbon is to start it at the top near the blossoms and loosely wrap the stems, carefully weaving the ribbon between.For a looser look, try wrapping the ribbon around the binding and securing it with a simple knot; let the ends of the ribbons hang away from the bouquet.

The traditional bridal bouquet is a little more complex and requires a few more supplies.First of all you will need to purchase a bouquet holder. You should be able to locate one at either a floral shop or a craft store.The holders are usually sold with the foam already intact.Before beginning your arrangement, the foam will need to be saturated.This is done by placing the holder upside down in a sink or bowl full of water.Let the holder gradually sink to ensure that the foam has been fully saturated.Remove the holder from the water and wipe off any excess water from the outside of the holder.

You will begin designing the bouquet with the greenery, or any other filler that you may be using.Remember to work your way completely around the bouquet holder. If you will be creating a cascade look, be sure to start it with the greenery.Ivy or fern are two types of greenery that work great for cascades.

Once the greenery is in place, it is time to start adding your flowers.In this step it is important to have done prep work.Before you start designing your bouquet, check out books or talk with a florist about different styles of bouquets.You will want to know roughly how many flowers to have on hand, but it is always good to have a few extra.Before cutting the stem of the flower, figure out exactly where it will be positioned in the bouquet, and how much stem should be showing.Cut the stem at a very sharp angle, roughly 2 inches below the desired height.Insert the stem 2 inches into the saturated foam.If you change your mind about the placement of a particular flower, remember to cut the stem again before reinserting it in an alternate location.Once all of the flowers have been placed, take a step back to admire your work.Check for any holes or overcrowded flowers.Usually a bow is added to the point where the handle and cup of the holder meet.Be sure to use a complementary colored ribbon that is 2" wide.You can also add pearl strands or any other extras at this time.

Be sure to create your bouquet as soon as possible to the time of the wedding.In most cases the flowers should be refrigerated, especially if it is overnight.However, it is recommended that you talk to a florist in regards to how particular flowers should be stored.

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