Free Family Game

Try this free family game: a person or object has to be guessed by other family members.

Does the time come when you wish the television could be turned off for an evening? Perhaps Sunday afternoons become "boring time" for the family? If so, take a peek into the fun activity of guessing games!

We're all familiar with word games, such as taking a large word or phrase and seeing how many smaller words we can find within it, but this is a new way to spend some time that should be enjoyed by all.

One particular game that is much fun to play is named "I'm Thinking Of...." The only preparation is for one family member to think of a person or object. It can be something in the house or neighborhood if you choose an object. If a person, anyone from history will be great, or even an ancestor.

When you have thought of something, announce whether it's a person or object. Don't get too specific, because the particulars will come out while the other family members are questioning you. The questions they ask must be answered yes or no.

If a person has been chosen, the first questions should be used to narrow it down. Things like "is it a male?" and "is it a historical figure?" are good places to start. After that, no question is off-limits as long as it has a yes or no answer.

The object for the players not knowing the person is to narrow the choices down by their questions. You might hear things like "is this person living?" or "did this person live during any part of the twentieth century?" Try to find out where and when the person lived, if they were a politician, actor, artist, etc. The family member guessing the answer is the next to think of a person or object.

After everyone is familiar with the game, you might consider getting creative and using one of the immediate family members as your "person." It brings many laughs after it is detected to realize that a son or daughter was asking questions about him or herself.

The same rules apply if an object is used rather than a person. It can be an object in the house or just a famous thing everyone knows about, such as the Liberty Bell. The questions asked will determine where the object resides and in what part of the past or present it existed.

The only restriction for this game is that things should be geared to a child's knowledge level. It won't be fun if the person they are trying to guess is someone they haven't even heard of before.

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