Family Ties: Your Relationship With Your Brother

Your relationship with your brother is not unlike any other relationship - it requires trust, time, and respect to flourish.

Sibling relationships are very special and unique, and they can add a great deal of joy to your life if you maintain them.Your relationship with your brother is not unlike any other relationship - it requires trust, time, and respect to flourish.Even if you and your brother squabbled as children, you can still be great friends as adults.Don't hold grudges against your family - there is no point, and ultimately you will be missing out on something wonderful.Sometimes sibling rivalry can get in the way of building a friendship in your youth.Women with older brothers might have to forgive them for being too nosy and intrusive.If that is the case for you, try to keep in mind that you are very lucky to have someone in your life who wants to look out for you and protect your best interests.It might have been annoying when you were a teenager trying to start dating, but that is not a good reason at all to give up a relationship with your brother as an adult.If you are a woman who has a younger brother, then you may have to forgive him for spying on you and your friends and for always trying to pester you and gross you out when you were growing up.Chances are, now that he is grown up, he is not going to try to put gum in your hair anymore.Get to know the man that your little bro has grown up to be.If you are a guy with an older brother, you might have some resentment that he didn't want to include you in his fun when you were a little kid.You should let go of your grudge because it is actually very common behavior in young boys, and most brothers experience the same dichotomy when they are growing up.If you have a younger brother who used be an annoyance, get to know him as an adult - you will probably find that he has grown up to become a lot like you.After all, an older brother is a role model for his younger brother, whether he realizes it or not.

When you were growing up, it was easy to stay abreast on the events of your brother's life and to keep him privy to yours.Now that you are adults, you have to put an effort into maintaining your relationship with each other.You might live time zones apart, or you're juggling kids and work and marriage.It can be hard to keep track of your siblings when your own life is so full, but you will be glad that you did.Make a point of calling to check in with your bro every week or every couple of weeks.Always call your brother when something important happens, like you and your spouse find out you are having a baby, or you get a fantastic job promotion.You should also be there for each other in hard times, such as family tragedies.If you don't keep in touch regularly, then it will start to feel as if the two of you are strangers who just happen to be at the same holiday dinners every year.You can also stay in touch by visiting each other and sending each other e-mails.If you live in the same area, then you should try to have dinner or lunch together every few weeks at least.

Family traditions can keep your relationship with your brother going strong.Many families find it important to spend the holidays together.You might also spend birthdays together.When you are adults, you should keep the traditions alive.These traditions are probably fond memories for both of you, and if you have children, then they will become fond memories for them as well.If you grew up in a family that didn't have traditions, then you should start some of your own.You could have an annual trip to an amusement park, or you could start an annual family picnic.If you have children, your strong and healthy relationship with your brother will be a good model for their own relationships.Also, your brother will be another positive male role model in their lives, as he has been in yours.

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