Fantasy Football

Fantasy football game was born in 1962 when a set of rules were created. Find out more about this.

Fantasy Football was original created in 1962. Wilfred Winkenbach, one of the part owners of the Raiders, together with two writers for the Oakland Tribune created a set of rules by which sports fans could draft the players from pro football teams onto their own imaginary teams, and play weekly games in a league that rewarded the team with the best record. They then went on to form the first fantasy football league in Oakland, California. This league contained eight teams. Winkenbach became the first commissioner of a fantasy football league. Although each current day league has it's own specific rules, they are all based on the ideas set forth by the original creators of the game.

A Fantasy Football league is made up of between 8-16 team owners. Each owner will choose players, make up a starting lineup, make trades and sign replacement players. The season lasts 13-15 weeks and at the end of the season, usually coinciding with the NFL season, a playoff will determine the champion.

If the teams choose to use a draft, they need to determine the order and select their players. If they choose to hold an auction then each team owner is given a set amount that they can use to sign 12-16 players. They can choose any combinations they desire. Teams take turns bidding with the previous years winners going first. The positions given to players at the beginning of the season remain the same all year even if the actual player changes positions. Owners may trade players any time before the 10th game. Once the commissioner has been notified then the trade is complete.

Owners decide on a starting lineup that consists of a quarterback, 2 running backs, a tight end, a kicker and one defense unit. The unit is one whole defensive lineup from a particular team. This lineup must the set up every week before the kickoff of the first NFL game each week. If the owner does not specify a lineup the one from the previous game will be used. If there are any questions because of trades or any other unusual circumstance it will be up to the commissioner to decide on the line-up before the actual game.

The scoring for these games is fairly complex. Points are awarded based on how well your players perform in several categories. All real-life statistics have point values, and each player's points are totaled to produce your weekly score. Generally six points are awarded for touchdowns, three points for field goals, two points for safeties and any other statistical points that are agreed upon by the league and approved by the commissioner.

At the end of the season, in addition to the playoffs, some leagues hold what it called the "Toilet Bowl". This is a game in which the two worst teams compete for the title of "Toilet Bowl Champion." The team that is outscored is awarded this title. They are sometimes in charge of providing refreshments for the following years selection meeting.

Fantasy football leagues can be found in many places. Look in your local newspaper or on the web sites of your local football teams. If you cannot find a local league then consider joining an online league. There are literally thousands of leagues online. Some are just for fun and there are no fees involved. Others have entry fees, but the owners compete for a large money prize.

Whatever league you choose to join, be sure you follow the most important rule. Have fun!

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