Fashion For Your Body Type: The Best Jeans For Petite Women

This is a guide to finding great jeans for petite sizes. Included are brands of denim that offer petite sizes and their assorted fits and styles.

A woman of petite size may have an even harder time finding the perfect pair of jeans. Average inseams usually run at about 32 inches, which can be too long for even a woman of average height.However, there are many options available for smaller women.

Liz Claiborne has a wide assortment of petite clothing. The clothing is smaller with jeans running at around a 29-inch inseam.These jeans come in a variety of styles including straight leg, cross hatch, cropped, and wide leg.The washes also vary from light wash to dark-wash.

Another option for petite women is Levi's, which is a very trusted and popular brand of denim.Many of their jeans, including 515, 518, and the 550 styles are available in petite sizes.These styles range from boot cut to the classic relaxed fit.

Lee is another major denim brand that offers petite sizes.Their Riders line of denim is available in many discount chains and may be a great option if you're looking for a more affordable pair of jeans.These jeans are also known for their great fit and comfort.

Land's End carries a wide array of denim, available in both stretch and nonstretch.These jeans are also available in many different fits, from slim fit to relaxed.Land's End is also a more affordable alternative brand of jeans.

If you want to pay a little more for a great pair of jeans, denim designer denim is also an option.Lucky Brand has great fitting jeans available in a 30-inch inseam.Another brand of designer denim is Ralph Lauren, who also carries petite sizes in the Lauren line for women under 5'4."Classiques Entire is a very chic brand of denim that has a petite size for their jeans

Many major department stores also carry petite sizes, and may even have a separate department for petite size clothing. If you cannot find the jeans you want in a petite size, you can also check the juniors department, which carries a wide range of very trendy and fashionable jeans for smaller body types.If you are very small, the children's department of a clothing store may be a much more affordable and viable option.

If you do find a pair of jeans that you are the most comfortable with, but the inseam is too long, there are other alternatives.Tailoring the clothes the suit your height and size is another option.If you are familiar with sewing clothes, you can probably adjust the hem yourself.If you're not comfortable doing this yourself, you can also find a tailor or seamstress who might size your jeans at a reasonable cost.

Be sure that you choose the style that will best suit your frame.Looser jeans will emphasize your lack in height.Fitted jeans are the best bet for a shorter frame, even for larger waist sizes.

There are many brand of denim available for petite sizes.The most important thing is finding a pair of jeans that you like.Your comfort and satisfaction is the key to finding great denim.

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