Fashion Colors That Look Bad With Brown Hair

This article describes different fashion colors that look bad with brown hair, some by skin tones and a few that look bad on all brunettes.

As a diverse person, you will see me changing from a brunette to a blonde and back again whenever the creative bug strikes me. This can be challenging due to the fact that there are fashion colors that look bad with brown hair (or blonde for that matter). Even though, color selection does depend a lot on skin tone, which this article will also discuss, there are some colors that brunettes should avoid altogether.

What fashion colors look bad on brunettes with a darker skin tone?

If you have brown hair with a darker skin tone, such as olive, you should avoid pastel colors. Anything with the name �baby� (baby blue, baby pink etc.) tacked on the front means you looking like you are still trying to wear the fashions associated with being a little girl. Stick to deeper, richer colors such as hunter green, burgundy or plum.

What fashion colors look bad on brunettes with a pale skin tone?

Once again, brunettes with a pale skin tone, such as ivory, should avoid pastels also but for different reasons. Light colors will only succeed in washing you out. Choose colors that illuminate your fairness. Jewel tones such as turquoise, ruby red or a bright purple do wonders to give the illusion of having a �porcelain doll� appearance.

What fashions look bad on brunettes with a medium skin tone?

For us in this group, we can have a lot of factors that affect what we can wear. There are usually more undertones of orange, red or yellow that creep up when paired with the wrong colors. The trick here is to avoid any color that creates this undesirable effect. If you have yellow undertones, avoid anything in the yellow range of colors and so on. Try wearing colors that counter act your undertones. When shopping for clothes, make sure that you hold them up to your face to see what undertones the color of the material brings out. There are too many variances here to go into too much detail, but you get the idea.

What are the fashion colors that look bad on all people with brown hair?

I have found that, no matter what shade of brown your hair is or what type of skin tone you may have, brunettes should avoid any fluorescent colors all together. I have a bright pink shirt that I just absolutely love when I am blonde (it takes away some of the yellow undertones in my skin) but it does not look as great when I am a brunette. I think that colors such as lime green, sunshine yellow or others that scream �neon sign� should be avoided by brunette women. I am not sure why these colors look off on women with brown hair but they just seem to. This is my own personal opinion but I have been echoed on this sentiment by many of my mutually brown haired friends.

Finding fashion colors that look good with your shade of brown hair is ultimately about trial and error. All of the guidelines that I have presented here are flexible and based on my experience with having brunette hair myself. There are exceptions to every theory and this article is meant to be more of a starting off point then a �written in stone� rule book. Finding that �perfect fashion� for you is one of the best experiences in the world. If you feel good in it, then you will look good in it! Happy Shopping!

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