The Fashion Comeback Of Tweed In Designer Clothing And Accessories

Tweed has made a huge comeback in today's fashion world. What are the new twists on an old British tradition?

Tweed has its origins in the United Kingdom, where it has been woven for centuries.Originally, tweed was popular for those living in the country as well as for cloaks.It was used quite often for horse riders' uniforms and clothing.It shifted uses in the 1890s when it became popular for women to wear as work clothes as well as for those who had caught onto the new trend of cycling.It was at this time that the term "tweed" actually began being used.Today, tweed has undergone a major fashion change and is used by many of the most well-known designers.

Most people attribute tweed's presence in high fashion to Coco Chanel.She made tweed popular in the 1950s and 1960s.Today's tweed craze began early in 2003.Tweed jackets became quite popular and were usually made out of beautiful pastel colors.When Coco Chanel made tweed popular back in the 1950s, it was usually used in suits with matching accessories, but the newer way of wearing tweed was to pair it with jeans to make it more casual.Tweed went from being business like and serious to cool and light-hearted.Fifty years ago, the weight of tweed was much heavier, whereas today's tweed is lighter and easier to wear in warmer weather.Tweed is made of wool, but today's tweed manufacturers are combining wool with other fabrics such as chenille and Lurex strands (for a metallic sparkle).Moreover, today's tweeds are paired with other unexpected fabrics such as chiffon or velvet.One designer may create a tweed jacket with velvet cuffs and collar, while another may combine the tweed with a denim border.Other designers may make the garment out of tweed with feminine accents such as embroidery or appliqu├ęs.Today's designs have much more flexibility and creativity.Jackets are not the only clothing items popping up in tweed.Tweed dresses are quite popular as well, especially because they combine the historically "manly" fabric with a pretty, feminine shape and cut to make the blend interesting.Furthermore, tweed is catching on as accents to other material.For example, there are trouser designs that have tweed trim to accent the solid black.Also, tweed is being used as trim on jackets, dresses, and other garments.

Not only has tweed become extremely popular in clothing, but it has made a huge appearance in accessories such as handbags, shoes and hats.Tweed is traditionally known only for its use in clothing.Even when it first became popular again in the early twenty-first century, its use was mostly limited to jackets and skirts, although lighter-weight than its ancestors.However, as tweed caught on, designers moved to include it in every way that they could.Tweed purses can be found at nearly every department store in nearly every design including clutch, tote bag, briefcase, and more.Additionally, tweed has become just as popular, if not more so, on shoes as it has on handbags.Several designers have come out with classy tweed pumps that are not only serviceable but sexy as well.For this reason, they appeal to a huge demographic of women.There are also boots made of tweed or with tweed accents, as well as adorable kitten heel shoes and flats.Since Cameron Diaz helped fedoras become popular again in the 1990s, tweed has also been added to the list of materials that they are made out of.Tweed hats are also part of the new tweed trend.When walking down the street, you can spot tweed fedoras, tweed rain hats, and even tweed baseball caps.Needless to say, tweed is back with a passion and here to stay for a while!

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