Fashion Essentials: The Best Fit For A Pant Suit

Pant suits are worn when you are trying to look professional, so it is important to buy a suit that will fit you well.

Pant suits are worn when you are trying to look professional and make a good impression, so it is important to buy a suit that will fit you well.The fit of a suit is just as important as the suit itself.If the suit doesn't fit appropriately, the professionalism of the look is compromised.

It is better to buy suits that allow you to mix and match the jacket and pants.For instance, you might wear a size six pant, but need an eight in the jacket.The mix and match pant suits usually fit better than a two-piece suit in one size.

Let's talk about the pants first.There are generally three different fits when it comes to the waist of a pair of pants.Designers have recently come up with different names for these fits, so that once you find a fit that you like, you can shop for it in different fabrics and prints.The first sits high on the natural waist, the next sits lower on the waist, just below the belly button and finally, the lowest one sits right at the hip.The most flattering fit on an apple shaped woman is the higher waist fit.Someone with a long torso would look best in the mid waist fit.The lower fitting jeans have become very popular in recent years and this trend has progressed to refined wear.As a rule of thumb, you should be able to comfortably fit your index and middle finger into the waist of the pants without the waist squeezing into your sides.The pants should lie smooth against your hips and butt and should not pucker in the crotch or give a wedge in the back.

The length of the pants is very important as well.It is important to find pants that come down to just above the bottom of your foot.If you plan to wear heels with your shoes, then the pants can reach the floor.If your pants are too long or too big in the waist or hips, consider trying petite pants.Petite clothing is not just for short people.Someone with a long torso and shorter legs may need petite pants and a regular top.Or, if someone has a small upper body frame or shorter arms, they may need petite tops.If the pants fit everywhere else and are just an inch or two long, it may be a good idea to spend an additional $10 to have a tailor shorten the hem.

It is very important to have a jacket that fits your body well.You want a jacket that buttons comfortably, without pulling between buttons and hits your hips in a flattering way.Generally, shorter jackets look better on thinner women.The most universally flattering jacket falls just below the hipbone.The sleeves should be long enough to come down past the wrists, but not reach the thumb.You should be able to easily hold your arms out to the sides and straight out in front of you, without the back of the suit becoming too tight.

When trying on a pant suit, make sure that it's not too tight anywhere on your body.Walk around the fitting room to make sure the fabric flows well and there is no puckering in the pants.Also, if you aren't wearing the type of shoes that you will with the suit and the store has a heel that works, ask to try on a pair to get an idea of the length.Remember, it's always better to go a little long in the pants than too short.You can always have the hem taken up, but not the other way around.

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