Fashion Ideas: Short Hair Styles

Crowning your individuality with a short hair style is an excellent way to maintain a professional, versatile look.

Crowning your individuality with a short hairstyle is an excellent way to maintain a professional, versatile look in any environment. Once you have decided to cut your hair, you will have less to manage and can allow other facets of your personality to shine.Your cut should suit your lifestyle and reflect your personality.When you have made the decision to cut your hair, consider new ways to make it versatile.A short hair cut does not mean the end of variety.Adding accessories and hair products can decorate your look and add texture.

Your lifestyle is a major factor to consider when you are deciding on a short hairstyle. If you participate in sports or work out daily, a short hairstyle can be much easier to wash and dry.A short cut requires little styling time.You can let your hair dry in the car and save time between workouts.As long as you maintain your style with frequent trips to the hairdresser, you can continue to crown your appearance with a professional look that requires little maintenance.

Short hair that is shaved evenly up the back of the neck always looks tailored.Using color to add texture can give this simple style new depth and mystery.An especially dramatic person may want to use textured highlights in several colors or fade the color from light to dark.If you work in the theatre or entertainment business, you have more freedom to play with color.Although your hair is a reflection of your personality, do not sacrifice marketability for your hairstyle.You can always wear a green wig at night.Don't starve to death just because you want to appear radical.Make sure you can adapt your short hair to accommodate your audience.

Leaving long layers above your ears increases your style's versatility factor.If you choose to style these layers, you will still have plenty of hair to curl, spike or tease.Adding hair products helps this process.Use a generous amount of hair gel, run your fingers and the product through your hair, and use a hair dryer to stiffen the combination into a style.You may want to curl the long layers.Use a curling iron and roll each layer carefully.With patience, you can soon transform your layers into a full, curly mop.For special occasions, buy some rhinestone clips and bend back little pieces of hair for an especially interesting twist on your existing style.

Unless you use your short hair to make a statement, people will evaluate you according to your words and actions.Please remember that people are appearance driven creatures.People will automatically draw conclusions based on appearance.Your hairstyle sends a message, one that you cannot always control.Short hair almost always looks neater then long hair, as long as it is clean and brushed.If you decided to use hair products to make your hair an unnatural color, or a sculpted style, remember that radical looks leave lasting impressions.You will never be able to control or predict the impression that a creative look leaves on your viewing audience.If you choose a more creative style, be prepared to live with the reactions of others.

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