Fashion: Styles That Help Breasts Appear Larger

Have a small bust that you want to make appear larger with clothes? Here are some fashion tips on enhancing your bust.

You may feel that your breasts are not up to par. Sure, magazines may feature models with voluminous-looking breasts and deep cleavage. The reality is that many models often have small breasts and simply wear certain clothes and choose particular styles that help their bust appear larger than it actually is. If you want to do everything in your power to make your breasts appear larger, short of taking bust-enhancing "miracle" pills and having surgery done, then be sure to use the following tips and choose the following styles.

* There is no shame in adding a little extra faux padding to the bust. Invest in a good quality padded or push up bra. A padded bra has a small padded insert in the cup that adds a little extra volume to the bust. A push up bra has an underwire that helps to lift the breasts and push them together, in effect, creating cleavage. For a more natural look, stick with a bra that adds only minimal padding. Remember, a little goes a long way.

* To enhance your bust, stock your closet with v-neck shirts and sweaters. A neckline that slightly plummets creates the illusion of cleavage by putting the focal point in the middle of your chest.

* Wear shirts and blouses that have a small or decorative print in the middle. For example, summertime is the perfect time to invest in those vintage-looking baby tee cotton shirts that have a small logo emblazoned across the chest. These types of shirts work great to give a small chest more depth. For a dressier look, choose blouses that have decorative appliqu├ęs on the chest area. When going to the office, blouses that have pockets also work to enhance the bust.

* To help maximize small breasts, wear bottoms like skirts and pants that are dark-colored. When you pair them with tops that are bright and colorful (or simply white), the look helps to make your bust appear larger.

* If at all possible, tuck in your shirts and blouses. While it may be tempting to keep your tops loose or untucked, this will make your body appear frumpy. An untucked shirt elongates the body and hides a woman's natural curves, so go ahead and start tucking. Tucking also makes the waist appear narrower, which will make the chest appear more voluminous.

* Pick a top that has ruffles or decorative accents. This will help pull the focus towards the chest area which will appear bustier with stylish ruffles. Peasant tops are perfect shirts for enhancing the bust.

* Jeans that have a slight flare will cause the waist to appear narrower which, in turn, will maximize the bust.

Many women with a small bust try their best to downplay this part of their body. They will wear dark shirts or large frumpy sweaters to cover up their top. However, as you may have noticed, the key to making a bust appear larger than it actually is is to actually make the chest area the center of attention. You will be amazed at what bright colors and the right tops will do to give the illusion of a larger bust.

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