Fashion: Styles That Conceal Big Gluts

Not exactly fond of your curvaceious posterior? Here are some butt slimming ways to minimize your gluts with what you may already have in your closet.

Nowadays, you can hardly turn the pages of a magazine without seeing a woman with a curvy derriere. It wasn't many years ago when the boyish figure, including a flat butt, were all the rage. How times have changed. However, if you are still not quite comfortable with your large posterior, short of getting a butt reduction, there are easy ways to conceal and minimize your buttocks region with the right fashion choices.

* Just because you may be a little more curvaceous on your backside doesn't mean you need to give up skirts altogether. Granted, you probably will not want to invest in tight mini skirts that accentuate your backside. Instead, opt for skirts or dresses that have an a-line cut. An a-line cut is simply a skirt that is smaller around the waist and gently flares out, much like the letter "A." By wearing a cut like this, it will minimize your middle region, including your gluts.

* Along the same note, choose slacks and jeans that have wide legs. Simply put, do not purchase any type of pants that taper at the ankles. This will make your ankles and calves appear smaller while serving to enhance the size of your thighs and gluts, which is the opposite of the effect you are trying to achieve. Pick slacks and jeans that remain wide towards the calf and ankles, like flare or boot-cut pants.

* If your problem area was your stomach region, would you wear shirts that had a huge bulls eye right smack dab in the middle of your stomach? Probably not. The same thing goes for larger gluts. Choose pants and skirts that have no enhancements on the backside, including designs or pockets. These enhancements will draw the eye straight to the butt region, which is not where you want people focusing on.

* When preparing for business casual dress, why not invest in a casual jacket or blazer? Steer clear of any jackets that are box shaped. They will only serve to give more body to your posterior. Instead, pick a jacket or blazer that is fitted (not too tight, though) and that tapers slightly. This will not only make your waist appear narrower, it will draw the focus away from your backside.

* Anytime you want to draw attention away from a problem area, you will need to place the focus on another part of the body you are more comfortable with. For example, you are not exactly fond of your gluts, so place the focus on the upper half of your body. Wear tops that are brightly colored along with a skirt or pants that are more neutral-colored. This will maintain the focus on the upper half of your body.

* Overall, if you ever want to appear leaner and taller, choose dark-colored clothes. This will give people the illusion that you are slimmer than you actually are, in addition to minimizing the backside.

* For more formal wear, choose a dress that has an a-line cut (as I mentioned above) or that has an empire waist. An empire waist simply means that the "waist" of the dress sits right underneath the breast area. This gives the dress more vertical flow, in addition to minimizing the size of your gluts.

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