Fashion: Styles That Conceal Big Thighs

Want to invest in some items that will help to conceal your thighs? Here are some clothing items and tips you may have to look into.

About one woman in a million has those type of lean thighs that do not touch. For the rest of us, our thighs are very close friends. One of the most difficult areas to conceal or disguise is the thigh area since they are right there for everyone to see and there are two of them conspiring together to make us feel bad about the lower half of our bodies. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the appearance of larger thighs through the right fashion choices.

* One major problem women with larger thighs have to face is the difference in the size of the thighs versus the waist. When a woman has larger thighs, her waist is usually smaller, making it quite difficult to find clothes that fit correctly. If we buy pants or jeans that fit our waist, our thighs look like two sausages about to explode out of the casings. The best thing to do is to buy pant and jeans that are one size larger. Sure the waist may be a wee bit bigger, but at least your thighs will have breathing room. Wearing jeans or slacks that are too tight on the thighs only draws more attention to that area, which is exactly what we want to avoid.

* In order to draw attention away from larger thighs, pair a dark colored bottom with a brighter top. The brightness of the shirt or blouse will maintain the focus on the upper part of your body, making you less self-conscious about people focusing on your thighs.

* To maintain the natural flow of the leg, steer clear of jeans or slacks that taper at the ankle. This fashion style will accentuate smaller calves and ankles, giving the illusion that the thigh area is actually bigger than it really is. Instead, choose jeans or slacks that have a wide or flared leg. This will serve to lengthen your legs and make your thighs appear narrower.

* When searching for slacks to wear at the office, opt for pinstriped pants. Pinstriped pants have thin vertical lines running from the top of the pant all the way down to the ankles. These lines will serve to lengthen your entire leg, making your thighs appear narrow. The great thing about pinstripe pants or slacks is that they are classic and never go out of fashion.

* While some fashion experts may dismiss the following idea, others feel it creates a natural flow throughout the body, creating an overall slimming effect. The idea is to use one color for both your blouse/shirt and your pants. By dressing up in one solid color, the eye sees the figure as one long shape, giving the illusion of a sleeker body, including the thigh area.

* Skirts are fantastic ways to disguise larger thighs. Sure, you don't want to immediately reach to grab your jean mini-skirt, but if you play your cards right, skirts can definitely work for your body shape. Invest in a long and flowing skirt. This will conceal the thigh area. You can also purchase an A-line skirt to give your bottom half the illusion of being sleeker than it is.

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