Fashion: Styles That Conceal A Large Bosom Or Breasts

Blessed with a large bosom but cursed with clothes that do not fit well? Here are some tips and styles that will help you minimize your bust.

Women who have smaller breasts look towards woman who have larger breasts with envy, often feeling that a larger bosom is more feminine. Meanwhile, women with larger breasts look at other women who have smaller breasts and yearn for that life where they can run or walk all day without their backs hurting. It is no secret that most women and men hate at least one aspect of their body. Many women with a larger than average bosom often find it difficult to find clothes that do not accentuate their breasts, so if you are one of these women, here are some tips and styles to help conceal your bosom.

* When shopping for shirts, choose styles that will minimize your bust. For example, a boat neck shirt (a shirt that has a wide neck opening reaching almost to the shoulders) will draw the eye away from the bosom area. V-neck shirts and dresses work surprisingly well in minimizing a large bust, as well.

* Jackets worn over trendy tank tops and solid printed shirts are wonderful additions to any closet. If your bosom is large, opt for a jacket that is a little boxy. This will give your shoulders more width, which will help in making the bust seem much smaller. Keep the jacket unbuttoned and loose to avoid a cinch at the waist or under the bust which will accentuate the largeness of the breasts.

* The bust can be minimized with the right skirt style. Choose skirts that have an A-line or a soft flare. This will draw attention to the bottom half of the body and away from the upper body.

* When choosing jeans, go with a low rise, boot cut style that will keep the focus on the bottom half of the body. For a look that is less casual, choose pants or slacks that have a straight leg to give the body length.

* Patterned shirts and blouses are fine, as long as the pattern is consistent throughout the front of the shirt. You will want to avoid any shirt or blouse that sports one picture right smack dab in the middle of the shirt. If there is only one singular image on the shirt or blouse, this creates a strong focal point right towards the bust, which is what you want to avoid.

* To give the torso length, choose blouses and shirts that have vertical lines. Horizontal and diagonal stripes give greater focus to the breast area.

* Never wear a necklace that is long enough that it drapes down towards the cleavage. You might as well wear an arrow that is pointing straight to your bosom. Instead, opt for jewelry that keeps the focus above the bust line. Large chandelier earrings or a necklace that fits like a choker are greats pieces to help keep the focus as far away from the bust as possible.

* Steer clear of shirts or dresses that have belts that cinch at the waist. You will also want to avoid tucking in your shirts and blouses. These two styles cut the body in two, accentuating and shortening the torso and putting focus on the bust.

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