Fashion Tips: Advice For Wearing Mini Skirts

Miniskirts are a fashion classic. Knowing how to wear them will help you stay in style and avoid a fashion faux pas.

The miniskirt emerged in the 60's as a symbol of women's liberation. At first it was banned from being portrayed during the day on television because it was not found suitable for family viewing. By the end of the decade it had become far less shocking, and in 1968, Jackie Kennedy wore a white Valentino miniskirt to her wedding with Antonio Onasis. After nearly half a century, the mini skirt has become a fashion classic.With the right accessories you can create many different looks.

Miniskirts come in many different materials and designs. Denim is a common material that works when you are trying to look feminine but casual. Plaid skirts are reminiscent of the school girl look. The most conservative colors are neutral, such as white, khaki, or gray in wool or cotton. Also consider colorful patterns with accessories to match.

With miniskirts, there is a fine balance between sexy and trashy, so you should consider the length, color, and material before buying. Animal prints have been in style recently, and they can look classy if paired with neutrals such as beige or white. Black and red are typically provocative colors, so you should use makeup and accessories that will not make you look overdone. Do not purchase a cut or material that looks cheap.

How short should you go?Miniskirts today come in shockingly short sizes, which spawned the term "micro mini". However, make sure that you are comfortable before you go out in a very short skirt. Consider the occasion and who will be noticing your attire. Generally, a skirt should not be worn if it is wider than it is short. Try sitting, walking, and bending down before you leave home to make sure it does not inhibit you in any way. If in doubt, you should probably wear something else.

Shoes will offset your look. Stilettos are the traditional attire to be worn for an evening out, but also try soft slippers or strappy sandals. Heels are designed to improve the shape of the leg, but decorative flats will make your look more casual and comfortable. Boots also look good with miniskirts, and the knee high boot is the most traditional for you to choose. Comfort should be a prime factor when you shop for shoes. No matter how stylish, shoes that hurt your feet will put a damper on your day.

In winter, you will also want to wear tights or pantyhose. Sheer, neutral colors are flattering on anyone. Patterned, textured, colorful tights add some fun to your look, but don't wear them to work. You could also use layers if you are worried about getting cold, such as fishnets over tights. Keep a bottle of clear nail polish in your purse so that if a run occurs you can stop it by applying a dab of polish just above the tear. Dark or patterened knee-high socks can work if you are still quite young, but they can look ridiculous on women past their mid-twenties. Bare legs are acceptable as well, but don't forget to wax and shave! Consider support hose if you will be standing or walking much.

On top, avoid anything with too much bulk or you will look unbalanced. If you are trying to look classy or businesslike, you might wear a long-sleeved blouse in silk or linen. If you are going out on a date, you could wear a v-neck blouse or sweater. For colder weather, consider a stylish jacket or trench coat that comes just above the length of the skirt. This will elongate the look of your body.

Accessories should not be overdone because a miniskirt itself is already an eye-catching piece. Choose one or two items to showcase in your outfit such as a sparkling pair of earrings or a pair of brightly beaded sandals and keep everything else basic and neutral.A subtle necklace and a pair of dangling earrings will help elongate your neck, and a matching purse or handbag will pull your look together.

No matter what is in style at the moment, wear only what makes you feel your best. Choose what rules to follow or break according to your own comfort and taste. The best part of a great wardrobe is not that you will look fashionable but that you will feel fabulous.

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