Fashion Tips: Advice For Wearing Twill Blazers

Selecting the right twill blazer for any occasion is a snap, if you follow a few simple guidelines. Here's how you can look and feel great.

Once upon a time, defining the well dressed man was a pretty narrow task.Give a guy a couple of dark suits, some white shirts and conservative ties, and he was all set.Today is a different story, with a wide variety of fashion choices that allow men to more adequately express their own tastes and still be considered sartorially sharp.This is accomplished by ensuring the man has a foundational wardrobe that allows mixing and matching pieces to achieve a variety of different looks for different occasions.One of the key pieces in today's male wardrobe is that good old standby, the twill blazer.

Typically, the style of a twill blazer is very basic and thus easily adaptable:a simple two or three button styling, and flaps for the two side pockets.Fabric choices will range from cotton to silk, and often can be purchased with pants of the same material, texture, and color.

The great thing about a well tailored twill blazer is that it can take a man from the workplace into the evening with great of ease. As an example, one could leave home in the morning wearing a pair of khaki slacks with a dark blue twill blazer, button down shirt and coordinating tie, and look very sharp in the workplace. The same ensemble would do for an informal business luncheon, and would most likely be appropriate for meetings with clients.After working hours, simply remove the tie and undo the top button or two on the shirt, and your look is instantly more casual while still appearing to be very well put together.One hint regarding the pocket flaps:flaps worn out are more formal and tucked in more casual.Keep that in mind as you switch from your day to your evening.

As mentioned earlier, matching slacks are available with many twill blazers.Certainly, these work just as well when the occasion calls for something more formal and less relaxed.By choosing darker, more traditional colors for your twill blazer and matching slacks, you are prepared for that fancy restaurant while not sacrificing the comfort that twill blazers provide.The twill also works well with a garment that appears to be making a comeback with men around the country:the turtleneck shirt. When paired with a color coordinated twill blazer, the combination of turtleneck and blazer can capture just the right mix of formality and fun that an evening out deserves.

It is important to remember that twill blazers are no longer just business and business casual attire.For a weekend outing, a golf shirt matched with a pair of jeans or khaki's and penny loafers topped with a twill blazer will look great at the movies, a sports event, or even out shopping with that special someone. Keep in mind that you may want to own a couple of twill blazers that are in more bold or bright colors for your weekend wardrobe.For instance, a good color combination for many men would be a black golf shirt, stone washed jeans, and a red or wheat colored twill blazer.Have some fun with the accessories as well, to incorporate more of your personality.Your cowboy boots and big belt buckle can be added to this ensemble with as much ease as your hushpuppies and Gucci belt.

When selecting a twill blazer, there are three key elements to address. First, is the material of the blazer right for the activity at hand? Don't wear the silk twill to the football game.A cotton twill will feel much better for you and since many cotton twills are machine washable, you don't have to be as concerned about dripping ketchup from your hot dog.

Next, how about the color?Typically, you will want to go with a darker, more conservative look for the office, even if your office is somewhat casual.Also keep in mind that if you tend to go from work to social engagements without stopping home to change, the darker colors work very well for dining out during the week.Save your brighter colors for the more casual weekends.

Finally, check out the style and cut of your twill blazer.For work and most situations, a three button styling will carry you anywhere.Beware the two button styling, unless you are in excellent physical condition and are a relatively young man.As with any type of jacket, you want to ensure your twill blazer fits your shoulders properly, the sleeves drop just enough to show an inch of cuff, and that the blazer is long enough to break near your upper thighs.

Regardless of your circumstances, how well you and your twill blazer look is going to depend a great deal on how confident you are in your appearance.By applying these few common sense approaches to selecting your twill blazer, you can rest assured that you look good and can enjoy yourself, whether at work or at play.

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