Fashion Tips: Alternative Uses For Clip-On Earrings

Don't throw those old clip-on earrings away. Here are some ideas on how to use them to make and decorate your hair, clothing, and accessories.

Whether you've lost a clip-on earring and don't know what to do with the remaining one, or you've recently gotten your ears pierced and have no use for the clip-ons anymore, there are tons of ways to use the clip-ons to dress up other items. Below is a list of suggestions for recycling the earrings.


Clamp one earring above the top button on a blouse. The look is beautiful, especially if the earring is a cameo, large flat pearl, or something elegant.

Wrap a scarf around your shoulders, then use the earring to clip the scarf together, in the front of the blouse. With the right dress, a bandana looks cute with a clip-on to hold it.

Scrunch a 3/4 sleeve to a short sleeve size, then use the earring to clip it, on the outside arm area.

Clip an earring on the top opening of high heels. If the clip-on hardware bothers you, remove it and use adhesive to attach the earring itself to the shoe.


Fix hair as usual, then clip the earrings into the hair. Or, clamp one earring onto a ponytail tie and style hair. You can also remove the clip-on hardware and glue the earring to a barrette.


Clip different types of earrings around a belt. Clip one earring on the top side, then one on the bottom and so on. Or, just clip the earrings around the top of the belt. You can also remove the hardware from the earrings and glue the remaining portions, in various areas, onto the belt. If that's too much for your style, just clip a very pretty earring on to the back of your belt. You can clip other things into the earring, like a strand of tiny beads or strips of leather.

Clip the earrings onto pockets of your purse, or clip them on to the strap. Glue can be used to keep the clip-ons attached. Use a monogram clip-on to glue to the front of a purse, wallet, or eyeglasses case.

Fold the front of a dress hat upwards, then secure it by gluing the earring, minus the hardware, to the area where the brim meets the hat. If the earring pattern is such that the earring can be turned upside down, it probably won't be necessary to remove the hardware. Just clip the earring, upside down, onto the brim of the hat, then flip the brim up and glue to the front of the hat. You can put springs of flowers or ribbon into the earring before clamping it onto the hat.

Clip-ons with a very small stone, monogram or jewel are a nice addition to a pair of gloves. Just clip them onto the back of the glove, at the wrist area, scrunching the glove down somewhat.

Make a zipper pull from an old earring by either attaching very thin wire or twine to the clip-on hinge, or by removing the hardware and attaching by stringing the twine through a portion of the earring design. You can also remove the hardware, then glue the twine to the back of the earring, first passing the twine through the zipper tab hole.

Wear several gold or silver chains on the wrist or neck, then clamp them altogether with one earring. For the necklace, you can use two earrings, placing one on the sides of the chains, towards the side of the neck, then the other earring on the other side, leaving the chains dangling in the center, between the two earrings.


Remove the hardware from old earrings and use them to decorate or monogram luggage, briefcases, cell phone case, yearly planner or cd player.

For crafting, use the earrings to make jar or box handles, decorate bases, use as ornaments in wreaths or on mini-trees, make a doll necklace, bracelet or belt, decorate a mirror, jazz up a dog collar, and much, much more.

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