Fashion Tips: Consumer Guide To Leather Designer Wallets For Women

With a vast amount of designer leather wallets pouring into the fashion industry today, learning what to look for in a good quality wallet is key.

Today, it's all about buying a leather wallet because you want to pull it out and let it get the attention it deserves. With a vast amount of designer leather wallets pouring into the fashion industry today, learning what to look for in a good wallet is key.


There are so many sizes to fit your needs today, despite your accumulation of plastic or lack thereof. Take a look at your needs. For example, less people have the need to have their checkbooks attached to their wallets and only need the space for their I.D. and a few credit cards. And, brands are taking note. Wallets are getting smaller due to this, which is great whether you carry a large or small purse. Look for a good leather wallet that has specific places for your credit cards and driver's license, a change compartment and a place for money. The more it has to offer, the better. As it needs to be as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. This is usually true for a smaller women's wallet. A larger wallet could have all of this and a pen loop, a notebook, a calculator and more. Some popular wallet names go as follows, a French purse, a credit card purse, framed clutch or soft clutch. However, every store is different.

Designer or Not Designer

For many people having a designer leather wallet wouldn't matter to them and on the other hand it does. Designers like Versace, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton and Prada have all created both basic and more fashionable leather wallets for consumers to choose from. If you adore logos or are looking for a simpler look (like basic black leather), there is really something for everyone in the marketplace. You can spend anywhere from $50 to $500 on a wallet, depending on the quality and designer name.

Designer Consumer Guide to Fit your Personality:

Versace: for the over the top consumer

Kate Spade: this woman is whimsical, eclectic and likes to have fun with fashion.

Louis Vuitton: chances are, this woman loves the classic LV label and loves to garner attention through this choice.

Prada: likes understated luxury and classic things.

Non-designer leather wallet: likes things that are well-made and cares more about function than how it looks.

Leather Quality

Just like there are several designers to choose from there are several grades of leather, from full-grain leather that becomes richer as it ages to genuine leather that becomes less soft as it ages. It's always best to ask the sales person how the leather ages because then you can decide what look will fit your personality better.


Color is really something to take into consideration. It's always smart to have a brown and black leather wallet. However, companies are taking note that colorful looks can be a fun and a non-threatening way for a consumer to add color to their wardrobe.

The marketplace is vast and plentiful when it comes to buying a women's leather wallet. Be sure to shop around to find the perfect wallet to fit your lifestyle, take care of it and you could be carrying it for years to come (as you add new additions to your collection).

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