Fashion Tips: Dress For Success

Fashion tips on dressing for workplace: What business attire is and what are the appropriate clothing, jewelry and accessories for the office.

We've all heard the old adage "Dress for Success". But, do many of us live by the motto? Learn why you should, how you can and how clothes can change the way people see you.

Ask yourself this question. Have you ever walked into a store after a gym workout only to be treated as if you don't exist? Did you walk into that store again, a different day (after work) dressed to the nines, only to have a flock of sales associates leap to your every whim? If you answered yes, then we know that people automatically make impressions of you by how you dress.

As shallow as it may seem we all do it and yes, even in the workplace. If you're stuck in an assistant position and are dreaming of being a supervisor one day, your clothes could play a big role in your promotion.

Dress like the Boss

If you want to be the boss ladies, you need to dress like him or her in terms of style and job type. Take a good look at the dress code and policy at your company and follow them. Check out how your boss follows the fashion rules. You can still be your own person, just a little more corporate (so to speak). Remember, if you're in a creative job, you have a little more room to dress more creative. If you're in the strict business world, be sure to dress appropriately. Not only will your peers be judging you, so will your clients. You always want to look the part. And, this is why you should dress for success"¦it can boost your career big time.

How You Can

Without dipping into your 401(K), set aside some funds for you to buy some serious work clothes. Choose wardrobe pieces that you can mix and match and outfits that will last you a long time. Forget trendy tops and go for nice business suits, nice shoes that will last and business-like jewelry (leave the chandelier earrings at home). Go for ladylike pearls or diamond stud earrings. Build your wardrobe slowly is the best tip for how you can afford to further your career through clothes.

Clothes Give Perceptions

As you learned from earlier, everybody judges everybody by what they wear or don't wear. For the office, it's always better to go for a safer look, while knowing that there are always exceptions to the rules. Fitting into the corporate culture is easy if you just look for the signs in your particular office, while staying true to who you are. Remember, if you don't feel comfortable wearing it in front of your mirror at home, you won't feel comfortable for eight hours on the job in it either.

The Top Five Dress For Success Wardrobe Pieces

1. A black power suit. You can mix and match this look so many ways. Don't be afraid to spend a little more money on this, as it is a classic that will stand the test of time. A good suit will last you years.

2. A ladylike briefcase. How about showing your classic twist with a faux alligator print, all while showing your savvy business side.

3. Stud diamond earrings. These will keep you sophisticated and will draw attention to what you have to say because you don't want people staring at your ears in a business meeting (as they would if you wore the chandeliers)"¦

4. Editor glasses (as I like to call them). These thicker-rimmed beauties always make a woman look confident and smart, your key to helping the perception that you are a brain.

5. Nice shoes. Spending a little more money on a good pair of slingbacks will be worth it because they will help you make it through your long day, looking stylish and pulled together.

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