Fashion Tips: Essential Accessories For A Woman's Wardrobe

There are several essential items that every women should have in her wardrobe. Some of these vital accessories include cardigans, wallets, hoop earrings, and scarves.

A woman's wardrobe should include items that are not only stylish and flattering, but versatile and functional as well.There are several essential accessories that no modern woman should be without.Check them out:


Cardigans are button-up sweaters, and they are a key wardrobe accessory that every woman should have.It is a good idea to have four cardigans: one black one, one tan, one white, and one gray.By getting these four colors in particular, you are pretty much covering all of your bases as far as being able to match with any other item in your wardrobe.You will be hard-pressed to find anything that doesn't match with at least one of these colors.Many times, you wear a short-sleeved shirt or a tank top, but you need something to bring along with you that is lighter than a jacket in case you feel like covering up for whatever reason.Well, a cardigan will solve that problem easily and fashionably.

Brightly-Colored Scarves

Brightly-colored scarves are an important accessory to have because they can add vibrancy to your style.If you are like most women, you love the slimming qualities of black clothes, but you don't want to look like you are in mourning.Adding a colorful scarf to your outfit can completely change the "all-black" look.Instead of looking gothic and somber, you will look artistic and sleek.

Hooded Sweatshirt

Not every day is a glamorous day, and for those not-so-glam days when you still want to look nice, a hooded sweatshirt is an essential.Your hooded sweatshirt should be a fitted style.You never ever want to wear a big, baggy hooded sweatshirt because you will lose your figure and femininity under all that fabric.

Black Pumps

Black pumps should be a staple in your wardrobe, and you will probably get more use out of these than any other pair of shoes you will ever own.While most women love to have dozens of shoes, the black pump is the staple shoe because it can be worn with so many things - dresses, skirts, jeans, suits, and even lingerie.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are very stylish and versatile accessories that are sure to look great with almost anything that you may be wearing.You should purchase either silver or gold, depending on the metal that you prefer.If you have to make the shift from work clothes to evening clothes, a pair of hoop earrings is perfect for either setting, so they will give you one less thing to worry about!


Hands-down, the absolute most essential accessory item is a bag.Many women feel that they keep their whole life in their bag - their money, their date book, their extra nylons, their powder compact and lipstick, photos, etc.If you can only afford one bag, make it a black or tan one so that you have a good chance of matching with most of your outfits.

Black Wrap

Every little black dress deserves a little black wrap.If you have your sexy little dress on, the last thing you will want to do is hide it underneath a jacket.A wrap can give you a little shelter from the cold without sheltering your dress from view.


Wallets aren't just a place to hold your cash and credit cards anymore - they are a fashion statement.This may not seem like a wardrobe accessory that you would care about, but many women, especially singles, go out to bars and clubs with just a wallet - not a bag.Therefore, you want your wallet to be cute and functional.For one, you should get a wallet that closes securely, rather than being open at the top like a men's wallet.Also, get a wallet that is likely to match most of your outfits, like a black or a tan one.

Hair Ties

Hair ties are an essential accessory because you never know when you are going to need one.If you have a short (too short for a ponytail) hairstyle, then you are exempt from this essential accessory.

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