Fashion Tips: How To Find The Perfect- Fitting Pair Of Jeans For Your Body Type

Below are some guidelines to take with you on your next jeans shopping trip to find the perfect pair for your body.

Every woman loves a great pair of jeans, but it is so hard to find the right jeans to hide what you want to hide and one that show off your good points! Below are some guidelines to take with you on your next jeans shopping trip to find the perfect pair for your body.

To hide larger thighs wear jeans with pinstripes and decorative seams, which draw the eye down, making the leg look longer and leaner.Never buy jeans that are too long. The bunching fabric will make your legs look heavier. Go for a length that ends right at the bottom of your ankle to give your leg the most length. Also, to give your legs extra length make sure you never wear jeans which cuffs. These just cut your leg in half, making it look stumpy. The longer your jeans are, the longer your legs will look.

To minimize a larger bottom think proportion. Little pockets will look lost on a bigger bottom, but don't go too big, either. Big pockets add bulk that you don't need. Also make sure that the pockets are not too far apart. This will make the eye go outward; making it look like your butt is bigger too. This same effect can happen when you have horizontal seams that cross over the pockets on your jeans. Horizontal lines draw the eyes outward, making your rear seem wider.

Jeans with a flared or boot but leg will balance out a larger derriere, evening out the body's silhouette.Loose jeans don't cling to your bottom, which will keep it from being noticeable, just make sure that your jeans are not baggy. Bagginess will cause bulk, in turn adding bulk to your bottom. Some women have problems with not having enough bottom to fill out there jeans. To fill out the backside you need to draw attention to it and add bulk. You can do this by wearing jeans with patch pockets, cargo type pockets, or designs on the backside.

If you want to conceal prominent hips, there are some very easy-to-fix things to do. First and foremost, don't ever wear jeans that have large hip pockets such as patch pockets or cargo pockets. Big no-no! Wearing these big pockets will add extra fabric to the part you are trying to minimize, as well as drawing attention to it. You want to make sure that all the fabric around your hips is smooth and flat to take off pounds. Just like with wider bottoms, flared legs will make bigger hips look smaller by balancing out the top and the bottom of your jeans. Your eye will easily flow from the top of your body to the bottom without stopping at the widest point, because there won't be a widest point.

If your tummy pooch is a problem, then simply make sure that there is enough room in the stomach area so that rolls will not be accentuated. Also, use the rules that are used for minimizing hips. If your hips look smaller, then your waist will too.

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