Fashion Tips: All About Ralph Lauren

Learn about designer Ralph Lauren's history, his men's and women's sportswear, clothing and accessory collections, home and furniture collections and the Polo Fashion Company.

Ralph Lauren is the American dream. He is one of the design legends who have marketed a lifestyle, as opposed to just a collection. He is a true pioneer in the fashion industry and has been since 1968, when he founded Polo Fashions with his brother. For over 35 years, Ralph Lauren has defined high taste and luxury with collections for menswear, women's wear, sportswear, and kids collections and of course the home collection.Find out about his background, the collections and some of the most intriguing behind-the-scenes thoughts of the inspirational designer...Ralph Lauren.

Some may think that Ralph Lauren may have descended from fashion royalty, but this isn't the case at all. Lauren was born in 1939 in the Bronx, New York. Through his 20's he worked in factories, like a glove factory. However, working for A. Rivetz & Co. (a tie manufacturer) changed Ralph Lauren's career path to what we know today.

From tie salesmen to tie maker, Lauren's entire career path changed. And, that's when Polo Fashion Company was born in 1967. From what started with just tie's to a worldwide global empire is astonishing. Ralph Lauren felt that ties were a symbol of status. His ties were also unique for the time, as he made them wider than what was available in the market. The fabrics he used were also really luxurious. And, here's what he had to say about his famous ties and one of his most famous quotes about fashion on his terms.

A tie was the way a man expressed himself. I believed that men were ready for something new and different. They didn't want to look as if they worked for IBM. A beautiful tie was an expression of quality, taste, and style.

I'm not a fashion person. I'm anti-fashion. I don't like to be part of that world. It's too transient. I have never been influenced by it. I'm interested in longevity, timelessness, and style""not fashion.

-Ralph Lauren

In 1968 his menswear collection bursted on the forefront of fashion as one of the leading brands on the market. Three years later, he designed the women's collection, inspired by his wife - a woman who he though exuded the carefree elegance of Katherine Hepburn. His wife had a way about her that was sporty, but chic at the same time. He reinvented women's wear by creating shirts for women inspired by his menswear collections. Women loved the look, which remains popular to this day.

Ralph Lauren made history in 1983 as the first fashion designer to create an entire home collection, which includes bedding, towels, rugs, furniture, lighting, carpeting and a paint collection.

In 1992, he received one of the highest honors one could receive when Audrey Hepburn presented him with a CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award. In 1993, Ralph Lauren launched the Polo Sport collection, during a time when people were becoming increasingly active.

In 2000, was formed to reflect the lifestyle giant, who is always evolving for the better.

Today, Ralph Lauren continues to evolve as a leader in the fashion industry, always being a leader as far as trends are concerned, while staying true to being stylish and classic.

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