Fashion Tips: Reinvent Your Wardrobe

Changing and updating your wardrobe can be a new way to reinvent your life and reflect your true personality. Here are some tips and guidelines to use when changing your clothing style.

Reinventing your wardrobe can be a new way to reinvent your life. Your clothes represent a large part of your lifestyle, not to mention your personality. There are even people that let their clothes mask their true personality, since they get caught up in the everyday normality of life including work and raising children. When this happens it's time to reinvent yourself. With these tips, you'll be a new you in no time.

1. The first thing to do is to take a good look at your lifestyle. Are you're a 9-5er, working in a corporate setting where looking professional is a must? Or are you in a creative field where dressing more funky is acceptable? What areas of the world do you life in"¦one that has seasons or one that's warm all year round? What are your outdoor activities? All these questions are great to ask in the first stages of reinvention.

2. Clean out the clutter, meaning clean out that closet and drawer space. You'll need to get rid of anything that doesn't fit you or your lifestyle and make room for new clothes.

3. Think who you want to be. What type of person do you want to portray. When you come up with this, you can make a list of must-haves for your lifestyle.

4. Go shopping. Remember, life is full of fun things besides work. So often, we buy clothes only for work and forget about our other lives. But, buying for your "going out or recreational" lifestyle will help you define who you really are as far as clothes are concerned.

5. Don't be afraid to try new looks that you have always wanted to try. Get inspiration from magazines, movies and people on the street to emulate (not copy) their look. Put your own twist of creativity into the look.

6. Reinventing your wardrobe doesn't mean buying an entire closet full of clothes all at one time. You can build your new wardrobe slowly. This will ensure that you really like your new look and it's truly "you", not a trend that will surpass.

Some Looks to Try

There are so many looks out there. Here are a few ideas for you to get started. And, remember mixing and matching styles will make you even more unique.

Vintage - this is a great look especially for those who are history buffs; think Kate Moss or Siena Miller. These Londoners really have this look pulled together. Tip: Scour thrift stores in your town and pick up anything vintage from handbags to shoes, to clothes.

Boho Chic- this look brings thoughts of Kate Hudson and is great for an effervescent personality. Hippie chic can be a fun way to pull outfits together that looks effortless.

Classic - the gorgeous strand of pearls, the clean lines, and the perfectly pulled together look is utterly Jackie O. and is one of the favorite looks of women around the world. Look for clothes that are easy to wear, and you will always look timeless.

Reinvention takes time. If you've always wanted to try a look, now is a great time to do it. You may find that when reinventing your clothes, you've reinvented the most important thing"¦you.

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