Fashion Tips: All About Salvatore Ferragamo

Learn about the quality and style of this designer's luxury brand men and women's clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories and perfumes.

The Salvatore Ferragamo brand is classic, durable and remains one of the top luxury brands to this day. Learn about this family-run business, the quality of the product and the mission behind some of the favorite parfums the company has to offer.

The Company

Salvatore Ferragamo, the Italian legend that founded the brand still has presence in the company, even though he passed away in 1960. His vision and mission of superb quality runs through every aspect of the company today. His family has taken over the business and brought continued success to the brand.


Salvatore Ferragamo offers a ready-to-wear collection for men and women. They embody a classic consumer that loves clean lines, classic cuts and traditional looks that is at the forefront of fashion.

Bags and Accessories

The Salvatore Ferragamo handbag is made of the best quality. The hides and fabrics are resistant to impact and water and are scratch resistant. Furthermore, the bags are still stitched by hand in Italy.To make them functional, there are key ring holders and compartments for cell phones.


The market leader as far as shoes are concerned goes to Salvatore Ferragamo. There are an amazing six different width measurements for every shoe length that is available (making it so Ferragamo offers 100 sizes to each model of shoe). The time it takes to make a Ferragamo shoe is 10 days. Salvatore Ferragamo offers shoes for both men and women.


Even the eyewear is complete luxury and incredibly durabile. The two lines include ophthalmic and sunglasses. Choose between sporty and elegant styles for men and women that are comfortable, lightweight and fashionable.

Silk and Accessories

From women's scarves to men's ties, you'll find uniqueness in Salvatore Ferragamo's silk and accessories collections. The best fabrics and patterns are what set a Ferragamo piece apart.


The watches for men and women are streamlined and classic.


Just like everything else, the Salvatore Ferragamo collection of parfums offers a tantalizing array of products for men or women, which includes Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Femme and Pour Homme, Incanto and Incanto Pour Homme and Parfum Subtil and Subtil Pour Homme.

The Salvatore Ferragamo was inspired by the following for his Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Femme and Pour Homme Parfums:

Smallest details make the biggest difference. -Salvatore Ferragamo

The inspiration for Incanto Parfums:

Incanto the maker of dreams and dreams continue to come true with incanto pour homme"¦the owner of enchantment. -Salvatore Ferragamo

The inspiration for Parfum Subtil and Subtil Pour Homme:

The Italian culture, the timeless elegance, and the excellence in quality and refinement. It's classic yet captivating, classic yet innovative. -Salvatore Ferragamo.

The Signature

When you see a Salvatore Ferragamo shoe, you know it. The infamous Vara shoe with the grosgrain bow is still popular to this day (first created in 1978).


There are Salvatore Ferragamo stores all over the globe in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

When wearing Salvatore Ferragamo, you'll know that your look is impeccably classic and stylish, with a modern edge. The perfect combination to luxe clothing and accessories is an understated elegance. Salvatore Ferragamo has that perfect combination.

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