What Fashion Tips Should Everyone Know?

What fashion tips should everyone know? Women should be smart shoppers by having classic pieces in their wardrobe and then incorporate trendy pieces. The idea is that every time you shop, you want to buy...

The idea is that every time you shop, you want to buy the missing piece. In other words if you buy pants, you want to buy the matching blouse or sweater because that makes a base in your wardrobe. If you buy a suit, you want to buy the top and the bottom. Never just buy one because that makes a base, an outside base. You want to be very careful not to spend a lot of money on sales. I have a whole list of rules of when you can buy on sale and when can't. When a person walks in a store mesmerized and caught up in how much reduction is taken then they get sucked in. For instance, it is a $200 belt on sale for $35 and you just have to have it, but it is in the strangest shade of olive green. You buy it and bring it home but it doesn't go with anything in your wardrobe. My rule is that when you buy on sale it needs to go home to see if it fits right in your wardrobe. It shouldn't be an extraneous color, something you don't wear. I make my clients add up how much money it would take to get that belt to walk out the door with you. For example, you would have to buy a pair of pants or skirt and then buy a top in that kind of color. I make them add the price of all those items to the price of the belt and suddenly the $35 belt is not a good bargain. They are not buying the most flattering colors for them. People are very caught up with the moment and it can turn out to be worthless. People should put their money in shoes and handbags. You don't need to a lot, but what you buy should be good quality because that's the tell-tale sign. A cheap shoe can pull down a wonderful outfit. Other tips are, always look at your purchases in natural light. You can't make a judgment in the stores' lighting. Very few stores have good lighting, very few. I tell people don't buy for the life you wish you had. In other words, don't buy like you're going to the inaugural ball when you have never been to one and you're not invited this year. However, the gown might be a gorgeous dress or a cocktail dress but you have little kids which mean you don't go out much at night. I consider that a bad buy. Decide which clothes you spend the most time in and that is where your money should be. If you are going to one Christmas party a year and have to look good then that is a good time to buy on sale. If not, you will not get good wear out of the expensive item. People remember dressy clothes. Suits you can accessorize differently as well as blazers and pants, but very dressy things they remember. If you are a plus sized woman I don't think you should wear large polka dots or wear a big Hawaiian print. I think the person should want something more subdued like a navy blue, black or dark teal. You don't always have to be in black if you are a plus sized woman. That is a fallacy.

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