Fashion Tips: Sizing Rules For Mini Skirts

Careful attention to sizing rules can help women of any body type to find a mini skirt that flatters their figure.

Women of all shapes and sizes desire to wear mini skirts and look good in them.You may think that mini skirts are only for tall, thin women but, although it's a flattering style for that body type, women of any body type can wear a mini skirt that flatters their own shape.Whether you are slender, pear shaped, apple shaped or have an hourglass figure, there is a mini skirt that is right for you.

The mini skirt was introduced in 1964 by Courreges but didn't become popular until 1966 when Mary Quant raised the hemline even further and began selling mini skirts and mini dresses in her boutique, Bazaar.The original mini skirts were not as short as they are now but Quant modified the style to suit an era where the fashion industry was being driven by youth.Quant's hemlines fell 6-7 inches above the knee.With the popularity of the mini skirt, came the question of how to wear a mini skirt.The mini skirt is a fashion statement that requires a set of rules.

The most obvious question women have is just how short a mini skirt can be. Quant's hemlines rose to 6-7 inches above the knee but skirts that fall just 2-3 inches above the knee are also considered to be mini skirts.In general all skirts that have hemlines that rise above the knee are considered to be mini skirts.Skirts that fall too short run the risk of falling into the micro mini category.A general rule of thumb for length of the mini skirt is to stand up straight with your shoulders back and hands against your sides.A mini skirt that is of the right length will have a hemline that just reaches your fingertips when you are in this position.Once you have figured out what length is appropriate, your next consideration should be what style will be most flattering to your body type.

A slender figure may seem an ideal candidate for a mini skirt but even this body type faces a few challenges.Women who are slender tend to have a width that does not vary from their upper torso to their lower torso.Their natural slenderness allows them to sport a mini skirt that is as short as they want it to be.The challenge slender women face is to add dimension to the body.One way to do this is by choosing a skirt that has a busy pattern or horizontal stripes.Another option is to pair the mini skirt with an oversized sweater or a bulky blazer.Textured materials, such as corduroy also help to add dimension to the body.

Pear shaped women tend to have a slender upper body but a larger lower body including wide hips and thighs.Despite the additional width in the hips and thighs, pear shaped women can also find a style of mini skirt that flatters their body type.A pear shaped women should choose a mini skirt that is on the longer end of the mini skirt spectrum.A style that is just a couple of inches above the knee will be most flattering for this body type.Straight or A-line skirts look best on the pear shaped body.It's best to keep the colors of the skirt dark and avoid busy patterns which will draw attention to the lower part of the body.Pear shaped women should pair a mini skirt with a short top that falls no lower than waist level and a pair of high heeled shoes.A top with a shorter length will avoid drawing attention to the lower portion of the body and high heels will make the legs appear more slender.

The apple shape or the inverted triangle shape is categorized by wide shoulders and thin hips and thighs.This body type is flattered by just about any length and style of mini skirt.The slenderness of the legs allows for women of this body type to sport mini skirts that range from just a few inches above the knee to ones that fall 6-7 inches above the knee.While any style of mini skirt can be worn by this body type, a mini skirt with a flare can help to balance broad shoulders.Pairing a mini skirt with a longer jacket or top will help to draw attention downward to the lower torso.Also, to draw attention to the hips, you can add a low slung belt, which is very flattering to this body type.

The hourglass figure is another body type that lends itself well to the mini skirt.Women with an hourglass figure tend to have a slender waist and a more generous upper and lower torso.While most styles of skirt flatter this body type, it's best to avoid anything that is too fitted or too baggy.Conservatively tailored skirts will be most flattering on an hourglass figure.Also, you should choose a material that is not too bulky because this will add width to your lower body.You can draw attention to your thin waist by choosing skirts with a defined waist or by pairing the mini skirt with a blouse that has detailing at the waist.

Mini skirts are a fun fashion statement that, with careful attention to fit and style, can flatter any body type.Choosing a mini skirt can be difficult but following a few basic guidelines for your body type can make it much easier to find a skirt that flatters your figure.

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