Fashion Tips For Top Heavy Woman

A bigger bust line may present a wardrobe challenge but shouldn't limit you to unstylish clothing. Use these tips and tricks to stay in style and within your budget while looking great!

Finding a wardrobe that balances comfort with tailoring, and is stylish, all without breaking the budget can be a challenge for any woman.Add a buxom bust line to the wardrobe and the challenge can be daunting.Try a few of these tips and tricks to keep the best in-style and in-budget look.

Old advice dictated, dress in black or dark solid colors to minimize any part of your body.Though this works, it's rather extreme and restrictive.If blessed, or cursed, with a large bust line don't dress in black everyday but do try to avoid wide necklines that make your top look wider, as well as high-waisted pants that exaggerate a full chest.Go for tailored looks rather than boxy.You might be bigger on top but that doesn't mean you have to be big everywhere - show off your curves don't hide in a tent.

Select tops with sweetheart or V-necks to lengthen the vertical line of the top portion of your body.Button down tops are more difficult to avoid the boxy look but purchase tops that fit your chest and have darts put in underneath the bust line so it will fit your waist.This is a very inexpensive tailoring job that many dry cleaners offer; it's frequently less expensive than purchasing a tailored shirt and will have the same results.Avoid sleeves that end at the bust line as they just hold the eye at that level.Match tops with low-waisted pants to place attention on your hips and lengthen your entire body.Boot cut or flared pants will help balance your top and tie the ensemble together.

Suits, pants or skirts, look best if they are tailored.Boxy is just that, you'll look like a box.Try a suit jacket that cinches in at the waist and doesn't have a large lapel, it just adds weight to the top portion of your body.Select lighter textured fabric, no thick tweeds or nubby wools, as they add mass just hanging on the hanger.Remember a slight flare at the bottom of a skirt or pant outfit will balance the top with the bottom.

Dresses are your best friend.Any dress, especially those with V-necks can look flattering.Aim for a skirt hemline at or below your knee to slim and lengthen your look.Strapless dresses can play up your shoulders and neck, just be certain bust line support is built in or you'll be pulling "up" all night.Accentuate your hips, waist, tan or legs with the style of your choice.

Don't be afraid to break the rules.Never wear lightweight fabrics, large patterns, or pockets on your shirts - just toss those aside.Go ahead and layer a light fabric see-through or chiffon shirt over a form fitting camisole - add a large pattern to the chiffon and you'll break two rules in one.Small patterns minimize and distract from the bust line and pockets, as long as they don't shine or light up are perfectly acceptable.

Finally, try fabrics with Lycra that stretch as you move without popping buttons or bunching.Fabrics shouldn't cling to your body but include enough weight to drape nicely.When trying clothing on, be certain to stretch, move, reach and bend - if it doesn't work in the fitting room, it won't work in the office.

Whatever body type you have, stout, long-legged, thin or just right, a large bust line requires creative shopping to reveal without overdoing.Though a night on the town may be the right moment to show off a low neckline, other venues are just not appropriate.But don't sacrifice style for coverage.There's no need to hide under tents or sweaters that cover your top but don't add definition to your other curves.Use the above tips and you'll receive ravishing reviews no matter where you go.

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