Fashion Tips: Transition From Office To Evening Out

Learn how to transition your outfit from office work clothing to evening attire with these fashion tips and ideas.

Many of us who work the 9-5 jobs understand the loss of creativity day to day when it comes to the way we dress. A few simple lifestyle changes can alter the way you dress at work, so you may look stunning for an evening out on the town. It doesn't matter if you're an investment banker or a creative director for an advertising agency; these tips are great no matter what business you are in. Learn how to transition from the office to a late night after party, a post-work date or a gala event.

The After Party

For a party such as a committee event like a museum exhibit party, a store opening or a company party, looking party worthy can be easy with a little pre-planning. If you're extra-business like by day, donning suits on a daily basis, it's more of a reason to dress sexy without going overboard.

Try a black dress with a low décolleté. And, to save time, wear the dress during your workday with a black blazer over it. For the evening out, lose the blazer, add a wrap (either cashmere or fur), and add chandelier earrings and sexy makeup. Vamp up your eye makeup with black smoky eyes and try red lips for this look. Don't forget a stunning sparkly handbag. This is an easy look to cross over from office to evening.

The Dinner Party

The boss of your husband is throwing a dinner party and you don't have time to go home before it starts. No problem.If you're wearing a pants suit ensemble, you can easily change it up to get an evening savvy look. Lose the jacket and change your top to something a little dressier. Something beaded would look stunning. Now change your simple all black sling back shoes for something sparkly and wow worthy.

The Post-Work Date

It's casual Friday and it's your first girls' night out in a long time. The dilemma of what to wear has hit you and going home before the date is out of the question. You're in savvy jeans, but a dowdy shirt. Keep the jeans on and simply bring a tight fitted camisole to wear under a savvy tweed box jacket (a la Coco Chanel). Switch your comfortable flats for a black pair of sexy high-heeled boots and freshen up your makeup and you are set in no time flat.

The Gala Event

This one may seem the hardest, but not to fret. It can be a piece of cake if you know how to plan ahead. Your husband will be impressed by how well you multitask and how great you look after a hard day at the office at this $300 a plate plus event (on his company's tab). First thing is first.

Start with a long black skirt (earlier at work, you wore a blazer with it to give it that business edge), but now you'll lose the blazer and pair the skirt with a tight fitted top in the color of your choice. Add a faux diamond belt, large cz earrings, a large cocktail ring and a fur wrap and you are ready for your black tie event. Sweep your hair up in a bun and secure with Bobbie pins. The look will be finished in less than thirty minutes, without even stepping foot at home.

Tips: Try to think of what you can wear during the day that can transition from workday to evening out.

Carry a leather tote bag to the office with makeup, Bobbie pins and your evening essentials.

Plan ahead. Those who think of looks ahead of time always look great at after work events. A great tip is to try on some different selections from your closet about once a month. That way, when the events come around you are all ready for it.

Have fun and don't take it too seriously. As you know life happens, so go with it.

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