Fashion Tips For Traveling

Traveling tips on how to pack right, mix and match clothes and scour your new home away from home for precious gems that will make your outfit stunning.

Looking traveler chic while heading to the most exotic locale or weekend getaway just got easier. With these style tips, you'll be prepared for all of your vacations from going out on the town to lounging resort style. Learn how to pack right, mix and match clothes and scour your new home away from home for precious gems that will make your outfit stunning.

Pack Light is Right

The before-you-get-there preparation can be daunting. Deciding the clothes that will suit a business meeting and clothes that will take you from "just being a tourist" to a night out can be too much to handle. It doesn't have to be. Packing light is key and mixing and matching your outfits is the biggest tip to looking great while traveling. You'll look so chic with only one bag than carrying around several heavy ones that are about to explode from too many clothes.

Mixing and Matching

You need to bring several pieces of clothing that can easily be worn with everything. Keep in mind that you want to bring a mix of clothing from dressier pieces to more casual. Don't be afraid to mix these together as it epitomizes the casual chic look. Pay attention to similar fabrics and color families. You can't go wrong staying in the neutral color families such as beige or black. Bring a few colorful shirts however, to brighten up your look.

Comfort and Style

On vacation, you want to be comfortable while looking great. Look for comfortable stretchy fabrics when deciding what to pack. For your shoes, being comfortable is most important. If you're exploring the new city, a great pair of heels won't do (save those for going out on the town). Wear a fashion forward pair of tennis shoes or a loafer such as Tod's. Not only will you look good, but you'll feel good, which will make you look even better. Note: You only really need two or three pairs of shoes - one casual, one dressy and tennis shoes if you plan to exercise on vacation.

Traveling Treasures

Whenever you travel somewhere, leave your jewels at home. Traveling to Venezuela? Pick up an exotic necklace and pair it with something simple. Heading to India? Get exotic gold earrings and tons of gold bangles. These simple treasures will make heads turn while you're on vacation and keep the heads turning when you get back. Not only will you look unique, but you'll also save tons of space in your suitcase by not lugging a bunch of jewelry.

Fit into Your Location

If you're going to New York, you don't want to be LA fabulous. And, if you're heading to LA, the head-to-toe black thing isn't going to cut it. Going to Palm Beach? Go for their signature pink and green sunny beach look a la Lilly Pulitzer. Just know what kind of clothes work in the city you're traveling to. Do your research, ask friends, read travel books and check out magazines to get ideas.

The main thing to remember when dressing fabulous while traveling is to be comfortable and confident with what you are wearing.

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