Fashions That Complement Long Brown Hair

This article gives hints and tips on good looking fashions and for women with long brown hair .

There is nothing more classically beautiful then long flowing brunette hair.You can wear it up in a bun for a sophisticated look, in a ponytail for a playful attitude, in a braid for that casually elegant touch or down cascading over your shoulders for a sensual feel. We will be examining the different types of fashions that fit so well with all the personalities that you, as a brunette with long hair, can so easily convey.

What conservative styles fit well with long brown hair?

During my brunette days (I am one of those batty people that switch back and forth between brunette and blonde hair.) I love to wear deeper colors. When choosing earth tones, do your best to compliment whatever highlights or undertones are in your hair. (If you are more golden, then choose browns with a golden base to them, same advice goes for those with redder brown hair, chocolate brunettes etc.)

For workdays, job interviews and other instances that you need to look professional; I would pair a tailored suite with a more feminine shirt underneath, such as a t-shirt with lace trim around the collar. When wearing your hair in a bun (which practicality often dictates you to do so) try to incorporate a "˜girly' touch to your outfit to keep from looking like a stern old-school teacher.The one mistake, that even I have been guilty of committing myself in the past, is to wear big clothes, trying to hide my imperfections. A tailored waist will do a lot for even the most curviest of girls and no matter what your size, it looks better if you show it then if you try to hide it.

On "˜Casual Fridays', during client lunches or work related parties (that are not formal), pair your dress pants or skirt with a silk shirt in a matching or complimentary color. During these less constrictive moments, try wearing your hair in a long braid down your back. It keeps you looking professional, yet adds a touch of softness to your appearance.

So what should a brunette with long hair wear after work is over and she just wants to have fun?

Whether you are just going out with the girls, or on a hot date it never hurts to look your best. I have found that if you choose to wear your hair in a fancy up do or ponytail, it is best to wear a shorter skirt, with a cute cleavage covering top. (That is not typo; I personally feel that you should show just one attribute at a time. It is classier which translates into sexier. It gives the men a glimpse but then keeps a little mystery also.) If you love your legs, then wear shoes. If you feel uncomfortable with the size of your gams, there are many sexy high boots out there.

If you choose a more daring top, pair it with a form fitting pair of jeans (boot-cutor flares looks good on any type of woman, adding length which gives you a slimmer appearance) or a long skirt. If the top is more of a flowing fabric (such as the new again "˜peasant' and "˜boho' tops that are reappearing) choose a tighter skirt. If you wear a more form fitting, belly shirt, or crop top, wear a skirt that flows more. Contrast is the key to creating a sensual appearance. Have your hair down with this type of outfit. It keeps the eye traveling downward from head to toe and literally adds another layer of fashion on top. (Almost playing peek-a-boo with the feature you are trying to show off.)

Another favorite trick of mine is to always wear a heel. It lengthens you legs (this is good no matter how long they are to begin with) and makes you more aware of your posture. (The straighter you stand, the skinnier you seem!) I'm not talking stilettos, I choose only a thicker heal or I end up walking like I am drunk before even the first drink is poured.

Is there anything else I should know about fashions for the long-haired brunette?

Never forget about the accessories. Silver looks good against darker brown hair. Gold usually helps golden highlights stand out. Brunettes with red have to experiment and see which looks better according to what strength of color they have of the many variations of red highlights and/or undertones.

With your hair up, I found that it looks nicest to wear more of a dangling earring to elongate the neck. A shorter necklace to a very long one keeps the line moving. If you are wearing your hair down, a smaller earring such as a single stone usually looks good. You can get a longer earring caught up in your hair. (It just isn't as sexy when you push a lock behind your ear and the earring tries to travel with it.) A choker looks very cute with long hair flowing down over it.

With all the tips and hints I've offered, I feel the need to give one last very important piece of advice. No matter what the latest beauty trends, magazines or yes, even articles, may say- never wear something that you are uncomfortable in. Even if the toughest of critics said that it looks good on you, if you don't feel good in it, your self-consciousness will end up showing.

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