Fashions For Women: Finding, Buying And Preserving Garters And Stockings

Advice and tips on how to buy stockings, garters,and pantyhose, including finding the right size, proper care, washing and drying.

There exists an abundance of opinions among today's women regarding pantyhose and all their varieties: stockings, tights, garters, and so forth.They are regarded by some as a blessing, a staple of workplace attire, endowing legs with support, concealment and shape.Yet others bemoan their disadvantages: a restrictive discomfort and a seemingly unavoidable tendency for running on the first or second wear.Besides, there is a daunting variety of styles to choose from, so how is a woman to pick the perfect pair and make them last, short of spending a small fortune?Luckily, there are a few pointers and tricks to help even the most vociferous hose-hater find her perfect fit.

The first challenge is buying the pantyhose that are right for you, not just as applies to your desired style but also to your individual budget.Many women don't head to their local WalMart or drug store when it's time to purchase new stockings.The same brands can be found in off-price or bargain department stores, usually at much lower prices.Another good source for budget-friendly pantyhose is the internet and mail-order companies, which allow women to buy in bulk at reduced prices or which offer "irregular" products whose only flaw is a slightly off color from the regular product.If you wear stockings on a regular basis, it is a wise decision to stock up when you find a good price, since you are bound to get a run at one time or another when it's not convenient to run home for another pair.Wherever you choose to make your purchase, keep in mind that more expensive does not necessarily mean better.The most durable pantyhose have at least fifteen percent lycra or spandex, so a wise shopper will take a look at the fabric blend of a potential buy.Also remember that, although "sheer" styles may be the most flattering, they are far more likely to run, since they are made of more fragile fabrics.The heavier the material, the longer the garment's life will be, so buying pantyhose with reinforced toes, opaques, tights and run-resistant stockings will ensure that you keep your garment longer.Women should take care to choose the appropriate sized stockings for their body type, keeping in mind that size charts are not always consistent from one manufacturer to another.Fortunately, each package has a size chart which corresponds to height and weight, so it is easy to choose the right size.If you find that you are on the high end of one size, go up to the next to ensure a longer life for your pantyhose.

Once you have purchased your stockings, it is important that you take proper care of them to ensure that they are preserved for as long as possible.One tried and true practice is to wet them right away, wring them dry, and then put them into the freezer.Although the secret to this method's effectiveness is unknown, women have found that it really does help their stockings to last longer.When it is time to wash your fragile garments, be sure to place them in a pillowcase or lingerie bag to protect them from getting snagged on the buttons and zippers of other garments, and run them in your washing machine's gentle cycle.Be careful to avoid using chlorine bleach, since it can fade the stockings' colors and weaken the material.Turning them inside-out will prevent lint from building up on them.Never run them through the dryer; rather, roll them in a towel to remove excess moisture and then hang dry them.As an alternative to machine washing your pantyhose, you can hand wash them immediately after wearing them and then hang them to dry, as mentioned before.Some women claim that this method also prolongs the life of their garments.

Probably the most important factor in caring for fragile garments like pantyhose and stockings is how you put them on.First take off all jewelry and apply lotion to legs and hands to smooth over rough areas on which the garment might snag.Make sure fingernails and toenails are well trimmed and filed.Next, roll up one leg of the stockings to their toe and gently work it up your leg, taking care not to tug or pull on the stockings.Do this for each leg, and then gently pull up around the waist.If you have bunching in areas, such as at the ankles or knees, it helps to wet your hands and then smooth the fabric up.If this proves ineffective, just start over.The key is to take your time.It may seem like a painstaking process to so gently put on your pantyhose, but it will save you money and help your garments last much longer.If you do get a small run or snag in your hose, use a little clear nail polish to stop the run.Even a run in an obvious spot does not mean the garment needs to be thrown away, since it can always be worn under slacks.Many women, who buy multiple pairs in the same color, will simply cut off a badly snagged leg and save it to join with another damaged pair.This kind of recycling can keep you from throwing away money in the desire for a flawless pair.Keeping these tips in mind should assure that you maintain your pantyhose and stockings for a long time.

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