Fashions For Women: Practical Advice For Plus-Size Figures

Plus-size women, by identifying their best features and following a few simple guidelines, can create a new look that is both fashionable and flattering.

Attention plus-size shoppers!Forget the days when wearing a size sixteen equated to a wardrobe of garish patterns, shapeless smocks, or flammable fabrics and get ready to flaunt those curves!Designers are finally giving real women the clothing they deserve, clothing that celebrates the unique shape and beauty of all women, regardless of size.However, just because plus-size fashion now offers more style and selection doesn't mean that one can throw caution to the wind and don that spandex tube top that has miraculously appeared amongst the racks of endangered trapeze blouses and stretch pants.Size eight or size eighteen, it is important to recognize one fundamental truth:Just because something is in your size, doesn't mean it is right for you!The first step in looking your best is to make an honest assessment of your shape and style.

Determine what you consider to be your best features.Do you have shapely legs?A skirt that skims the knee paired with heels could be stunning.Do you have an hourglass figure?Go for tops that are somewhat form fitting.There is no need to hide behind yards of fabric!In fact, clothing that is too baggy is just as unattractive as clothing that is too tight.No matter if you are the classic apple or a true hourglass, your fashion buzz words should be "smooth" and "proportional."Leave lycra and muumuus to the fashion victims and focus on styles that neither accentuate your least favorite features nor overshadow your most positive ones.Fashion advice can be just as individual as body shapes.So, the following are ten tips to help you develop a knock-"˜em-dead wardrobe:

1.Don't be afraid of color!Black may be slimming, but single-color ensembles in a shade flattering to your skin tone and body type can be even more becoming.

2.Do show some skin.A low cut v-neck sweater can make a short neck appear longer, emphasize a well-developed bust and highlight a glowing face. A knee-length skirt will show off well-defined calves.Be careful not to get carried away, however.Unless you have a firm midsection, a bared midriff is a definite no-go.

3.Do dress your size.Leave your ego outside of the dressing room!You may feel better if the tag in your jeans has a single digit number, but you will look better if you embrace your curves and buy clothes in a size that fits your body to perfection.

4.Don't shy away from spending a little extra money for clothing that truly makes you look sensational.French women, those connoisseurs of fashion, have learned that a small but exceptional wardrobe is far superior to one of great variety, but little style.

5.Do get to know your local seamstress.The perfect dress is not always perfect the moment you take it off the rack.Sometimes lifting the hem and slightly taking in a waistline can make all the difference between frumpy and fabulous.

6.Don't forget to accessorize.Trendy shoes, scarves, and handbags will allow you to pull together a look that is up-to-date, but does not commit you to expensive wardrobe changes each and every season.

7.Do consider animal prints as an accessory.Like it or not, tiger stripes, especially when printed on cheap fabric, are the stereotypical hallmark signs of the large-sized matron.Animal patterns can be fun on scarves, but will mark you as hopelessly outdated when worn as a major part of an ensemble.

8.Do buy clothing that suits your lifestyle.Even if you fall in love with how you look in a retro satin and lace top, consider how much you'll love it when your six-month old spits mashed peas all over it.A better idea would be to determine what it is that you like about yourself in such an item and purchase clothing that reflects those attributes in a more practical manner.

9.Just say no to lycra and spandex!Many designers chose fabrics that contain these materials, but stay away from clothing that contains much more than a miniscule amount.You are going for smooth lines and spray-on fabric will only add bulges and cellulite you didn't even know you possessed.

10.Don't be afraid of trying on items you might consider too young or too trendy.As with the case of flares and wide hips, you may find that clothing you normally would pass-up will give you new options in your quest to look fantastic.

Above all, remember to have fun.The right clothes can make you look and feel wonderful, but you won't find them if you are too angst-ridden and single-minded to enjoy the process.So, step up and pull some sweaters off the display shelves.Before you know it, you'll have a traffic-stopping new look!

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